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it is 50 mph

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Q: How fast in mph is a 5 minute mile?
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How fast do you have to run in MPH to run a 5 minute mile?

The person's pace was 6 mph or 10 minutes per mile.

How fast in mph is a 5.45 mile?

A 5 minute 45 second mile equates to a pace of 10.4347 mph

How many mph is 5 miles in 5 minutes?

60 mph = 1 mile per minute

How fast do you have to run in mph to run a 5 minute 20 second mile?

You would have to maintain an average speed of 11.25 mph over the total distance of the race to achieve that time.

How fast is 65km in mph?

5 mile = 8 km 5/8 of 65 = 40.625 Answer: 40.625 mph

How fast do you have to run for a 5 minute mile?

12 miles per minute - if you can maintain that speed steadily.

How fast does sound travel mph in fresh air?

About 767 mph ... it varies with temperature. OR about one mile in 5 seconds.

How many feet will you travel in a minute at 5 mph?

In one minute at 5 mph, you will travel 440 feet. 5 miles per hour / 60 minutes per hour x 5280 feet per mile = 440 feet per minute

How fast do you have to run to get 5 min on a 1 mile track?

i think that's 12 mph constant

What travels at 7 miles an hour?

12+ minute mile- low fitness 11 minute mile- below average fitness 10 minute mile-average fitness 9 minute mile- decent fitness 8 minute mile- commendable fitness 7 minute mile- exceptional fitness 6 minute mile- "Athlete Level" fitness 5 minute mile- "Super Athlete Level" Fitness <4 minute mile: WOW

How fast are you going if you go 1 mile in 50 seconds?

well, if you were going 1 mile in 60 sec. you would be going 1 mile per minute. or, in this case, you would be going 5/6 of a mile per minute. (MPM, or miles per minute.)

How fast do I Need to go to travel 10 miles in 25 minutes?

If you went at a speed of a mile a minute, or 60 mph, you would travel 25 miles in 25 minutes. For 10 miles in this time you only have to travel at 2/5 of that speed, or 24 mph.