How is area and perimeter related?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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I think it depends on the shape

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Q: How is area and perimeter related?
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How Are Linear Dimensions Perimeter and Area Related?

they are all related to math

How is math related to soccer?

Not if you are the score-keeper or if you are doing the area or the perimeter or the area of the field

How are perimeter ratio and area ratio related?

Perimeter ratio is: is a path that surrounds an area and area ratio is: Area ratio is the cross sectional area of the nozzle exit divided by the cross sectional area of the nozzle throat.

How is the perimeter and area of a circle related?

They both use pi to determine their values

Does a shape with a smaller perimeter always have a smaller area?

No, the size of the perimeter and the area of a shape are not always directly related. For example, a circle with a small perimeter can have a larger area compared to a square with a larger perimeter. The area of a shape is determined by the size of its dimensions, whereas the perimeter is the sum of the lengths of its sides.

How are area and perimeter and volume related?

They are characteristics of geometric shapes. However, there is no simple relationship. A rectangle with a given perimeter can have a whole range of areas.

What is the perimeter of a cone?

A cone is a 3-dimensional shape; the 3-dimensional equivalent of perimeter is area. See the related question for information on this.

Is carpeting a floor a area are a perimeter?

It is area, not perimeter!

Area of rhombus if area and perimeter is given and if you have to find altitude?

Perimeter = 4*Side so that Side = Perimeter/4 Area of a rhombus = Side * Altitude so Altitude = Area/Side = Area/(Perimeter/4) = 4*Area/Perimeter

Are area and perimeter dimensions?

area 63 and perimeter is 32

What is the area and the perimeter of 11Cm by 4Cm?

Area : 44cm² Perimeter : 30cm

In which jobs we use perimeter and area?

In which jobs we use perimeter and area?