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I'm going to assume that the tiles are square inches, rather than square feet. But they can be converted to 3 square feet, which means 70 of them would cover the space if it were perfectly rectangular. Get 80 to be safe.

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Q: How many 12x36 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 210 square feet?
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How many 18X18 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 288 square feet?

192 tiles

How many 12x12 vinyl tiles will you need to cover 549 square feet?


How many 16x16 square foot vinyl tiles does it take to cover 240 square feet?

1 tile = 1.77 of a square foot, 240 Sq.Ft. divided by 1.77 = 135.5 tiles ok

How many 18 by 18 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 249 square feet?

just do 249 divided by 18

How many square vinyl tiles 20 cm on a side are needed to cover a floor 6m by 5m?

Lets do length and width in terms of tiles. The length is 6m/0.2m/tile 30 tiles and the width is 5m/0.2m/tile 25 tiles. Then the area is l X w 30 tiles X 25 tiles 750 square tiles. Since each tile is square, 750 tiles.

How many 18 X 26 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 620 square feet?

One whole piece, and 32.5 percent of another one.

It a room measures 16' by 16' how many pieces of 12 by 12 vinyl floor will it take to cover the floor?

A 12 by 12 vinyl floor tile covers an area of 1 square foot. If the room measures 16' by 16', it has an area of 256 square feet. So, you would need 256 12 by 12 vinyl floor tiles to cover the entire floor.

How many 12 inch vinyl tiles to cover area 83 inches x 83 inches?

49 tiles will cover the are, with 1 inch strips spare

What is weight of vinyl floor tiles?

What is the weight of Vinyl Floor tiles per m2

How many 18x18 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 249 square feet?

18 inches = 1.5 ft, so each tile is 2.25 sq ft, number required = 249/2.25 = 111

How do I refinish my vinyl tile?

You start by weep the vinyl tiles with a broom. Then Wash the vinyl tiles with disodium phosphate, using a nylon pad. What you need to do next uis rinse vertical-running tiles with wet rags. Rinse floor tiles with a mop. Let the vinyl tiles dry for two hours.

How many squares of vinyl siding to cover 986 square feet?

Depends ENTIRELY on the size of the vinyl squares !