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There are 9 of them.

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Q: How many 2-digit numbers end in 0?
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How do dividing 2digit by 1 digit numbers?

to do it the long way do it by long division to do it the short way put it in the calculator 2 digits numbers are just the numbers between10-99 and one digits numbers are just the numbers between 0-9.

What the number of whole numbers between the smallest whole number and the greatest 2digit number is?

There is no smallest whole number - negative numbers go on forever. Therefore, there are infinitely many whole numbers that are smaller than the greatest 2-digit number.

How many prime numbers end in 0?

None. All numbers ending in zero can be divided by 2.

How many prime numbers between 0-100 end in a 1?

There are five of them.

What numbers are dividable by 2 and 5?

They are the numbers that end with a 0

What numbers have a factor of 5?

numbers that end in 5 or 0

How many 5 digit odd numbers are possible without ending in 0?

All of them. There are roughly 45,000 5-digit odd numbers. None of them end in 0.

How many numbers are not multiples of 5?

Any number that does not end with 0 or 5 is not a multiple of 5

What are tidy numbers?

Tidy numbers are numbers that end with a 0 (10 and multiples of 10)

How many prime numbers are there between 0?

infintate as numbers do not stop, so you can keep adding digits at the end of the negative number.

How many 10 digit palindromic numbers are there?

well, i think if you use this you can find out. A = 1-9 ,B = 0-9 , C = 0-9 , D = 0-9 , E = 0-9 for 2digit numbers = A A for 3 digit numbers = A B A for 4 digit numbers = A B B A and so on till you get to for 8 digit numbers = A B C D D C B A for 9 digit numbers = A B C D E D C B A and last for 10 digit number = A B C D E E D C B A this should work...

Why can a prime number not have 0 in it?

Lots of prime numbers have zeros in them. 101, 103, 107 and 109 are all prime numbers. Prime numbers can't end in zero. Numbers that end in zero are multiples of ten and have too many factors to be prime numbers.

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