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15 tiles exactly.

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Q: How many 2 foot tiles can cover 8640 square inches?
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How many 4 in x 4 in tile in sixty sq ft?

A 4 inch by 4 inch tile is 16 square inches. 60 square feet is 8640 square inches. Dividing the one by the other shows us that 540 tiles 4 inches on a side will cover an area of 60 square feet.

How many 11.75x11.75 tiles are needed for 60 square feet?

Assuming the tiles are 11.75 inches * 11.75 inches, the area of each tile is 138.0625 sq inches. Area to be covered = 60 sq feet = 60*144 = 8640 sq inches. So, minimum number of tiles required = 62.58 = 63 tiles. That is the mathematical answer. However, it assumes that almost all the offcuts are used, that there is virtually no wastage. In real life that will not be the case, particularly if the 60 square feet shape is ill formed - a random shape with lots of narrow bits sticking out, for example.

What is the square root of 8640?

sqrt(8640) = 92.95 (to 2 dp)

How many inches is 720 feet?

8640 in

How many inches are in 5 cubic feet?

There are about 8,640 cubic inches in five cubic feet.

What is the actual area of a restaurant if the area is 60 inch2 using a scale of 1 inch to 12 feet?

since one inch = 12 feet and this is a square dimension multiply by 12 x 12 = 144 to get area in square feet. 60 x 144 = 8640 square feet

What is 8640 divided by 3?


What is the LCM of 96 108 and 120?

It is: 4320

What are the prime factors of 8640?

The prime numbers (factors) of 8640 are: 2,3,5

How many seconds is 8640 minutes?

There are 60 seconds in one minute. Therefore, 8640 minutes is equal to 8640 x 60 = 518400 seconds.

What is the Volume of a space that measures 60inx36inx4in?

60*36*4 = 8640 in3 (cubic inches) = 5 ft3 (cubic feet)

How many 12 inch square bricks for 30x30 ft area?

It is the same as 12 x 30 * 30 which is 8640.

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