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The answer is 32 tiles

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Q: How many 3 centimeter by 4 centimeter tiles are needed to cover a 16 centimeter by 24 centimeter area?
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How many 19.5 inch tiles to cover a 192 sq feet?

If the area is "well behaved" or if most offcuts are used then 77 tiles will suffice. However, if the area is not rectangular then you are likely to require more. Also, unless the length or width of the rectangular area is an exact multiple of 19.5 inches, there will be many off-cuts.

Is a centimeter larger than a square centimeter?

A square centimeter measures area, and a centimeter measures length, so they are not exactly comparable in size.

One centimeter is equal to how many Square centimeters?

One centimeter is equal to 1 square centimeter. This is because a square centimeter is the area of a square with sides measuring 1 centimeter each.

How many 3 inch by 6 inch tiles are in 1 square foot?

A 3 inch by 6 inch tile covers 18 square inches which converts to 0.125 square feet. 35 square feet divided by 0.125 square feet is 280 tiles. This does not take into the consideration the area taken up by grout between the tiles and putty at the ends so it will probably be less than 280 tiles. But unless the area to be covered exactly matches a layout of the tiles, some tiles will have to be cut to fit against the edges. Some will break or be miscut so you should probably get about 300 tiles. You can keep the extra in case some break accidentally or most stores will accept return of the unused tiles.

How many mini tiles will it take to fill a 8ft by 4ft swimming pool the shallow end is 1.2m and deep end is 2m deep?

To calculate the total number of mini tiles needed, you would first need to convert the measurements to the same unit (either feet or meters). Then, you can calculate the area of the pool by multiplying the length by the width. Finally, you can estimate the number of mini tiles required by dividing the pool area by the area covered by each mini tile.

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How many 12 x 12 tiles will it take to cover 1400 square feet?

If the tiles measure 12 inches square then the area of each tile is 1 sq foot. Therefore 1400 tiles are needed to cover an area of 1400 square feet. However, the actual dimensions of the area being tiled can affect the number of tiles required so closer examination is needed.

How many 18 inch square tiles are needed to cover 280 sq ft area?


One side of a square is 10 inches long how many one square inch tiles are needed to cover its area?

One side of a square is 10 inches long. How many one square inch tiles are needed to cover its area?

How many 6 inch tiles are needed tile an 11 feet area?

You will need 44 six inch tiles to cover 11 square feet.

How many tiles would is needed for area is 368 sq ft?

If your tiles are 12 x 12, 368 would cover it. Buy extra for breakage.

How many tiles of size 20 cm x 10 cm will be needed to cover a floor of dimensions 300cm X 50 cm?

No. of tiles =Area of floor / Area of tiles. area of floor = 300 X 50 sq cm. area of tiles = 20 X10 sq cm.hence, no. of tiles = 300 X50 /200 =75

Can you completely cover a 3x 6 ft area with 2x2 ft tiles?

can you completely cover a 3ftx6ft area with 2ftx2ft tiles

How many 4 inch square tiles are needed to cover an area of 6 feet by 5 feet?

5*6=30*12=360/4=90 tiles

How many 6 inch tiles needed to cover an area of 14 feet by 20 ft?

1120 plus 10% for salvage= roughly1230tiles. you can probably return unused tiles

How many tiles to cover 44 foot area?

Depends on how big the tiles are.

How many 60x60cm tiles cover 32sqm?

You would need a total of 89 tiles (88.88 tiles exactly) with those measurements to cover that area.

How many 1 foot square tiles will be needed to cover a rectangular floor area that is 750 feet?

It should take about 825 1 foot square tiles to cover a floor with those dimensions. This assumes roughly a 10% waste factor.