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There would be 360 apples

2009-05-26 11:59:11
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If a box of apples has 3 layers .Each layer has 4 rows of 5 apples. how many apples are in each box?


Each box of fruit has three layerseach layer has 4 rows of 5 appleshow many apples are in each box?

60 apples

A shipment of 15 cases of socks is received from the vendor Each case contains four boxes How many boxes of socks have been received?

60. To find the answer multiply the number of cases by the number of boxes in each case. 15 x 4 = 60

Tom bought 60 apples at 3.50 for 20 people how many apples does every individual receive?

divide 60 by 20 and you will have the answer 60/20 =

How much is 60 boxes of paper at 150 per dozen?

150 per dozen (12) = 12.50 each therefore 12.50 x 60 boxes = 750.00

How many apples come in a case?

A case of apples weighs about 40 pounds. There might be 60-70 medium sized apples. Fewer if they are larger.

How many cereal boxes are assembled in four minutes given the boxes are assemled at a rate of two boxes per second?

You need to multiply all of the following together:* 2 (boxes per second) * 60 (seconds in a minute) * 4 (total minutes)

Steve needs to assemble 60 packets Each packet requires 5 paper clips How many boxes of paper clips does he need if there are 100 paper clips in each box?


How many pounds of stuffing is made around thanksgiving?

The number of pounds of stuffing consumed each Thanksgiving are not known. However, over 60 million boxes of stuffing are sold in the U.S. each year at this time.

How many apples can ou buy for 60 cents at the rate of 3 for 10?


How many seconds in each hour?

60 seconds in each minute. There are 60 minutes in each hour.

What fraction of 60 is 12 apples?

12/60 = 1/5

A store owner is packing small radios into larger boxes that measure 25 in by 42 in by 60 in If the measurement of each radio is 7 in by 6 in by 5 in then how many radios can be placed in the b?


How many calories in one pack of apple dippers?

It depends on how many apples there are, but betwen 30 and 60 calories, on average.

How many minutes is 2921462800 seconds?

Just divide the seconds by 60. Each minute has 60 seconds.Just divide the seconds by 60. Each minute has 60 seconds.Just divide the seconds by 60. Each minute has 60 seconds.Just divide the seconds by 60. Each minute has 60 seconds.

How many milliliters in 60 milligrams?

Milliliters is for volume and milligrams is for mass. You can't compare apples to oranges.

How does one divide twelve apples for five kids?

make 60 EQUAL pcs and give 12 pcs to each of the 5 children

How many minutes are there in a dergree?

60. There are 360 degrees in a circle, each degree can be divided into 60 minutes and each minute divided into 60 seconds.

How many calories are there in fruits?

Depends on which fruit. Generally apples are around 60 cal. Oranges appx. 90,

How many apple are there in a standard crate of apples?

normally there would be 12... Sometimes it would go up to 60.

What is the percent of the ratio 60 to 40?

60:40 ratio is 3:2 ratio for example for every 3 green apples you get 2 red which in percentage is %75 percent green apples and %25 percent red apples

How many boxes can you find that will hold twice as many cubes as 2x3x5 box What are all the answers?

2x3x5 6x5 30x2 =60 cubes

How many seconds are there in one degree latitude?

There are 60 minute to each degree and 60 secons to each minute. 1 degree = 60 minutes 60 minutes = 3600 seconds

How many seconds are in 7 weeks?

7 weeks * 7 days each week * 24 hours each day * 60 minutes each hour * 60 seconds each minute = 7*7*24*60*60= 4,233,600 seconds

How many boxes can you find that will hold twice as many cubes as a 2 by 3 by 4 box?

1100 is 60*7*76*76*60+70m well1202go tryutty99 is a user name are you kiding me?