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Q: How many apples can ou buy for 60 cents at the rate of 3 for 10?
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How many 6 cent apples can you buy for 2.04?

how many apples costing 8 cents can i buy with 50 cents 50 multiply by 8=400

How many apples costing 8 cents each can you buy with 50 cents?

6 apples 8x6=48

Small apples were 8 cents each and large apples were 13 cents each you bought some of each spending dollar altogether How many small apples and how many large apples did you buy?

6 small apples at 8 cents each equals 48 cents. 4 large apples at 13 cents each equals 52 cents. Your answer is 6 small apples and 4 large apples equal 1 dollar.

How many apples can you buy for 13.50 at the rate of 3 for 1.50?

1 for $0.50 therefore $13.50 / $0.50 = 27 apples

What is the better buy six appels for one dollar and seventy four cents or five apples for one dollar and twenty cents?

Five apples for 120 cents is better. 174/6= 29 120/5= 24 The six apples are more expensive, for one of the you pay 29 cents. For one apple in the five apples you only pay 24 cents. You save a nickel.

What was the Price of apples in 1930?

In 1930, you could buy a pound of apples for eleven cents. If you wanted to buy a single apple from a street vendor, it would cost you a nickel.

How many apples can a person eat?

As many as they feel like and have the $$ 2 buy! One, two or three apples a day keep the doctor away ! well that's weird cuz u can get a bag of apples at jacks fruit market for 99 cents and im gonna finish eating these apples then answer the question

How many 2.40 apples would you buy with 36?

15 apples.

Would it be cheaper to buy gas at 25 cents per liter or 85 cents per gallon?

85 Cents per gallon is cheaper, which is a rate of about 22.43 cents per liter.

10 cents a foot how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?


How do you buy apples on Howrse?

Go under the breeding tan, then click on the store. It will come up with a list of things you can buy, click on apples and decide how many to buy.

John bought 3 dozen apples some pies. How many apples did he buy?

36 pies