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Q: How many cells are produced over three hours every fifteen minutes and you start with one cell?
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How many and which types of cells are produced from mitosis?

In mitosis two identical cells are produced. The cells that use mitosis are basically every other cell besides sex cells

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If a cell divides every 2 minutes how many cells will there be in 14 minutes?


How many sperm cells are produced every twenty-four hours?


How long will a 1 mm long colony of bacteria be in 1 hour if it triples in length every 15 minutes?

This question takes a little reasoning power. You have to work it through.First, we establish that there are FOUR fifteen minute periods in every hour.So in in fifteen minutes, it will triple from 1 to 3 MM long.In another fifteen minutes, it will triple again, from 3 to 9 mm.After forty five minutes it goes again, to 27 mmAnd finally, at the end of the hour, it triples from 27 mm to 81 mm.

How many functional sperm cells are normally produced?

The sperm mother creates thousands of sperm cells every minute

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If 15 alarm clocks are produced every 45 minutes means, then 1 is produced on an average of every 3 minutes. There would be 100 assembled over 5 hours (300 minutes).

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Which body system produce blood cells?

Blood cells are produced in red bone marrow by a process called hematopoiesis. Every cell in the body gets its nutrients from blood.