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Two straight lines connected by one curve is the basic horse-shoe shape.

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Q: How many curves and straight lines does a horse shoe shape?
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Is a circle a curved shape?

A curved shape does not have any straight lines. In a circle the line curves continually, meaning that the circle is a curved shape.

What happens when the curves of a globe become straight lines on a map?

distortion of a size, shape, distance, or area occurs.

What is a shape that has no crossing lines no curves and no openings?

a polygon!

What is a closed shape bounded by straight lines?

Polygon: A closed shape bounded by straight lines.

What is the disadvantages of a band saw?

limited shape possible to be cut; can only cut straight lines and tight curves; long cutting, preparation and maintenance time

What is a shape which has 3 lines but isn't a triangle?

If the shape has three straight lines and no other lines then it has to be a triangle

What is a shape with 4 straight lines and 2 parallel lines and 2 unparalleled lines?

A shape with 4 straight lines in which there are 2 parallel and 2 unparallel lines is called a Trapezium.

What shape has 6 straight lines?

A hexagon

What is A closed shape with three or more straight sides no curves and doesn't cross?

A polygon.

What is the perimeter of a shape that is odd shaped?

It is the total length of its boundary. There is no need for the boundary to be made up of straight lines or even smooth curves. However, fractals do cause problems.

What is a shape made up of line segments?

A shape made up of line segments is a shape with straight lines, or a polygon. for example, a square has straight lines, or is made up of line segments. A circle is not in that category because it has no straight lines, they are curved.

Can you make a curved shape out of straight lines?

Not really, but if you have many lines it can look like a curved shape.

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