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A polygon.

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Q: What is A closed shape with three or more straight sides no curves and doesn't cross?
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What is a closed figure three or more straight sides that do not cross each other?


Why is a hexagon considered a polygon?

Because a polygon is a closed figure with straight lines that do not cross, and that's what a hexagon has.

What do a triangle and a quadrillateral have in common?

They are closed plane figures bounded by straight lines that do not cross each other.

What does a polygon need to be a polygon?

It must be a plane figure. It must be closed. It must be bounded by straight lines. These straight lines must not cross one another.

Can indiffernt cuver cross?

Not at all sure about "indiffernt cuver" but indifference curves will not cross.

What are polygons not allowed to have?

They're not allowed to have curves, cross itself, and not connect.

What is a two dimensional figure with straight lines?

If it is a closed figure which doesn't cross over itself (like a bowtie looking figure), then it is called a polygon.

Is a colsed figure with three or more sides which never curves?

If "colsed" is meant to be "closed", and if the figure is planar (flat), and if the sides of the figure do not cross, then it is a polygon. But answer to the question could include shapes such as stars (pentagrams) which are not polygons..

On a graph the place where the supply and demand curves cross is where which of these is established?

Price or Equilibrium

Can a cross protect me from a ghost?

i guess cross doesnt have an effect on ghost...

What are straight lines that never cross called?

Straight lines that never cross are called parallel lines.

Can indifferent curves cross each other?

no because if crossed they different level of satisfaction

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