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There are no real solutions. The discriminant (b squared -4ac) is less than 0, so there are 2 imaginary solutions and 0 real ones.

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Q: How many different real solutions are there for 2x2-3x plus 5 equals 0?
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How many solutions of secx equals 2?

Infinitely many.

How many solutions are there with x equals 8 and y equals 5?


How many solutions does an equation have when you isolate the variable and it equals constant?

As many solutions as there are points in the domain.

How many solutions does x equals -1 have?


How many solutions does 9 equals 9 have?


How many solutions does -7 equals 4 have?


What are three types of solutions?

There are many different types of solutions. Some examples of different solutions are isotonic solutions, hypertonic solutions and hypotonic solutions.

What does it mean if an equation equals 0 does it have one solution no solution or indefinitely many solutions?

It has infinitely many solutions.

How many solutions does x equals y and y equals x have?

Infinitely many: they are the same line!

How many solutions will the equation 25 equals 2x squared 6x have?

The quadratic equation will have two solutions.

How many solutions does 0 equals 0 have?

0 = 0 is an identity and not an equation. Equations have solutions, identities do not.

Does 7 plus 3x equals 7 have many solutions no solutions or 1 solution?

One solution.

How many solutions does x2-4x plus 4 equals 0 have?

It has two equal solutions of 2

How many solutions does x plus 7 equals 1 have?


How many solutions does x plus y equals zero and x equals zero?

Only 1.

How many solutions does 6x2-7x-40 equals 0 have?

It has two solutions and they are: x = 3.230396696 and x = -2.063730029

How are mixtures and solutions different?

mixtures can be separated in many ways. solutions cannot.

How many positive integer solutions are there to the equation x plus y plus z equals 17?

There are 120 solutions.

How do you solve 2x plus y equals 0 and 4x plus 2y equals 0?

many solutions

How many solutions does the linear system -8x plus 2y equals 6 and -4x plus y equals 3 have?

Two solutions and they are:- x = 0 and y = 3

How many solutions do x equal eight and y equals five have?


Sec2x equals 3?

Is a trigonometric equation which has infinitely many real solutions.

How many solutions will the equation 25 equals 2x squared-6x have?

2x2 - 6x - 25 = 0. Solutions are 5.34 and -2.34

How many solutions does x plus y equals 4 y equals -x-4?


How many solutions does 2x plus y equals 5 and 2y plus x equals 4 have?

1 solution