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I believe it's 19. No more than 24, for sure.

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Q: How many half inch circles will fit in a 2 and a half inch circle?
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How many circles of all sizes are in a circle with 25 1 inch circles?

a circle has 4 sides

How many one fourth circles equal a half circle?


How many half -circles make one full circle?


How many semi circles does a circle has?

It has two - the word 'semi' is another word for 'half'

How many 2 inch circles will fit into a 12 inch by 16 inch rectangle?

48- 2 inch circles with fit in a 12x16 rectangle.

How many lines of symmetry are there on a perfect cirlcle?

There is an infinite number of lines across a circle that form two symmetric half-circles.

How many half inch circles can be put into one four inch circle?

If you have 1 - 4" circle, and you have N number of .5" circles, let's work the problem out..5" = .5" (1) .5" = 1.0" (2).5" = 1.5" (3).5" = 2.0" (4).5" = 2.5" (5).5" = 3.0" (6).5" = 3.5" (7).5" = 4.0" (8)Therefore it would take 8 - .5" circles to fit into 1 - 4" circle.

How many square inches in half inch dia?

Assuming a circle with a diameter of one half inch, A = 2Ï€r so the area in square inches would be half of pi or about 1.57 in2.

How many circles can you draw in a circle?

Infinitely many.

What does circle have to do with math?

Circle is a shape. We have gotten to know a lot from circles. Because of circles, we get PI, radius, diameter, circumference, and other things. Circles fall into geometry, which is math. We can make many mathematical equations from circles.

How many square inches 9 inch diameter circle?

Area of a circle = πr²A = 3.14159 × (4.5)² (remember that r or radius is exactly half of the diameter)A = 3.14159 × 20.25A = 63.62 in²

How many quarts of an inch in half inch?

Two quarters of an inch are in a half inch.

How many degrees are in circles?

There is 360 degrees in a circle.

How many thousandths are there in a half inch?

There are 500 in half an inch

How many square inches in a five inch circle?

That would depend on what you mean by "five inch circle".

How many quarter circles equals a whole circle?


Half an inch is how many mm?

Half inch is equal to 12.7mm

How many quarters are in a half an inch?

There are two quarters in half an inch.

How many square feet in a 12 inch circle?

A 12-inch circle has an area of 0.784 square feet.

How many cubic inches in a 10 inch circle?

None. A cubic inch is a measure of volume. A circle has no volume.

How are circle's used in science?

There are many ways that scientists can use circles in their work. They talk about cycles using circles for example.

How many Square mm in a 1 inch round circle?

Assuming that "1 inch round circle" refers to a circle whose circumference is 1 inch, its area is 51.34 sq mm.

How many Square inches in a 14 inch circle?

I assume that a 14 inch circle is a circle 14 ionches in diameter. Use the formula Area = Pi x radius of the circle X radius of the circle The radius is half the diameter. Pi is 3.14159 (appx) So the area = 3.14159 X 7 X 7 = 153.937 square inches. Or approximately 154 square inches

How many thirds of circle are in 12 circles?

3*12 = 36 of them.

How many quarter circles equal a whole circle?