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3 hours 20 minutes

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Q: How many hours and min r in 200min?
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How many hours r in a day?

24 hours in a day

How many min r in 600 seconds?

To convert seconds to minutes, just divide by 60.

Write a c program to find the gcd of two integer number?

#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int a,b,max,min,r; printf("Enter the values of a,b"); scanf("%d%d",&a,&b); if(a>b) { max=a; min=b; } else { max=b; min=a; } while((max%min)!=0) { r=max%min; if(r==0) { break; } max=min; min=r; } printf("GCD=%d",min); getch(); }

How many mph to travel 7 miles in 5 minutes?

Basic formula: D=rt Solve for rate: r=D/t Time must be in hours; 5 min * 1 hr/60 min = .08333 hr r=7mi/.0833hr = 84 MPH (rounded) Alternative method: There are 12 x 5 min in an hour so 12 x 7 = 84 mph

How many weeks are in 210 hours?

r u mad ?

How do you say mine in Swedish?

Mine in Swedish is 'min'.Example: Detta är min (This is mine)

How many hours on plane from UK to America?

r eal madir

How many minutes r in 2 hours and a half?

150 minutes

How much memory is in a CD-r?

700mb or 80 min of audio

What is the average speed of 20 km in 30minutes?

r = d/t, where r is the rate of speed, d is distance, and t is time.r = 20 km/30 min = 2/3 km/min

How many hours journey on bus from chennai to pondichery?

2 r 3 hrs

How many hours of an an average day?

24 hours per day !! U u r the 1 that knows the most sike

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1440 minutes in 24 hours 86400 seconds in 24 hoursthere r 2880 30 seconds in 24 hours

What is the duration of 'R Xmas?

The duration of 'R Xmas is 1.42 hours.

What is the duration of Elizabeth R?

The duration of Elizabeth R is 1.42 hours.

What is the duration of June R?

The duration of June R is 1.83 hours.

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The duration of R U There is 1.5 hours.

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Rmin =R*1.2

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R. A. Vaughan has written: 'Hours with the mystics'

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'How are you, my friend?' may be 'Hvordan gรƒยฅr det, min ven?' in Danish. However, this could sound a bit strange to a Danish speaker. Your best bet would be to just ask 'Hvordan gรƒยฅr det?' or add 'Hej min ven.' before 'Hvordan gรƒยฅr det?'

Is there a 24 hours Toys R Us?

i think most toys r us stores are open 24 hours they should be anyway

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An average airline pilot will fly around 70-80 hours a month. Not too shabby. B/R, Vanessa

What is the duration of R. P. M.?

The duration of R. P. M. is 1.53 hours.