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Q: How many questions on an AP test do you have to get right to get a score of 5?
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Related questions

How many questions do you have to get right to score a 70 percent on a test of 20 questions?


If your test was 10 questions and you got 8 right What is your score?


What score would someone receive if they get 8 right on a test that has 10 questions?

That would be a score of 80%.Hopefully, it was not a math test.

What will give you a 75 percent score on a 25 question test?

You must get 19 questions right on a 25 question test to earn a score of 75%

What is the test score for 18 questions right out of 60?

18/60 equals 0.30, for a percentage score of 30%.

How many points are each question if there are 26 questions?

The answer will depend on the total score for the test and whether or not all the questions are score the same.

How many questions do you have to get right to 410 score on your math test?

32 and this is legit! My GED teacher from Job Corps made this very clear to me.

How many questions can you get wrong on a test that has 50 questions in order to score 78 percent?


How do you covert test score to percentage?

IF each question counts the same, (number right) / (total questions) x 100 = percentage score.

A student who correctly answered 72 questions on a test received a score of 75 percent How many questions were on the test?

72/.75 = 96

How many can you get wrong on your permit test?

How many questions can you miss on a 50 question test to score 90?

Assuming the questions are all weighted the same, you can miss 5 and score 90%.

Trevor received a score of 96 if he answered 24 of the questions correctly how many questions were on the test?

There were 25 questions on the test.

How many questions can you miss to score a 40 on a 20 question test?


How many questions can you get wrong on license test?

To pass the test you need 70% of the questions right.

How many questions are on the Tennessee permit test?

There are 30 questions and you have to get 24 right to pass the test.

How many questions can you get wrong on a 70 question test to get a 70 percent?

To score 70% or higher you must get at least 70/100 * 70 = 49 questions right. So you can get 70 - 49 = 21 questions wrong, but no more!

What is your score on a test if you get 8 out of 73 wrong?

To figure out your score on a test, you just have to divide the number of answers you got right by the number of total questions there were. In this case, 65 divided by 73= .89 or 89%.

20 questions on a test is worth how many points each?

5% of the total test score per question.

A test had 150 questions and got 92 percentage right how many questions did he answer correctly?

138 questions right and 12 questions wrong

How many questions can I get wrong on a 25 questions test to score 70 percent?

30/100*25 =7.5 so you must not get more than 7 questions wrong to score 70%

You got 90 on a test that has exactly 40 questions how many questions did you get wrong?

A test score of "90" represents the percentage of correct questions. Multiply this percentage by the total number of questions and you will have the number of questions correctly answered. Subtract this from the total to find answers wrong. 90% of 40 questions = .90 x 40 = 36 questions right. 40-36 = 4 answers wrong.

How many test questions can you miss on your written driving test in California?

If memory serves me right it was 3 questions.

A student who currently answered 72 questions on a test received a score of 75 percent How many questions were on the test?

I think that it is 98 questions? i do not know though.

What is your score if you miss 5 question out of 25 questions?

Your score is the part of the test where you supplied correct answers.On a test with 25 questions, if you missed 5, you answered (25 - 5) = 20 correctly.If every questions was worth the same credit, then your score is 20/25 = 80% .I'm hoping fervently that it wasn't a math test.