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Inequalities tend to have infinitely many solutions.

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Q: How many solution does a linear inequality in one variable have?
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How many solutions are there to a linear inequality?

Infinitely many. The solution space is part of a plane.

How many solution sets do systems of linear inequalities have Must solutions to systems of linear inequalities satisfy both inequalities In what case might they not?

A solution to a linear inequality in two variables is an ordered pair (x, y) that makes the inequality a true statement. The solution set is the set of all solutions to the inequality. The solution set to an inequality in two variables is typically a region in the xy-plane, which means that there are infinitely many solutions. Sometimes a solution set must satisfy two inequalities in a system of linear inequalities in two variables. If it does not satisfy both inequalities then it is not a solution.

How many solutions does linear equation in two variable have?

A single linear equation in two variables has infinitely many solutions. Two linear equations in two variables will usually have a single solution - but it is also possible that they have no solution, or infinitely many solutions.

How many solutions does a linear inequality in two variables have?

Infinitely many.

How many solutions does a linear inequality with two variables have?


An equation has one solution?

A linear equation in one variable has one solution. An equation of another kind may have none, one, or more - including infinitely many - solutions.

How many answers does a linear equation in one variable have?


Why is a linear inequality is usefuln when there are many solutions?

The area in the inequality gives you choices. Like the number of pounds that an elevator can carry is anything less than its maximum.

What is a linear system with infinitely many solution?

It is a system in which the solution set is a straight line.

How many solution does a linear equation in one variables have?


Why a system of linear equations cannot have exactly two solutions?

A system of linear equations can only have: no solution, one solution, or infinitely many solutions.

What is a solution to an open sentence?

an open sentence can be either true or false, depending on what values are substituted for the variables. A SOLUTION of an open sentence with on variable is a value that makes the sentence true. The solution of the equation x+3=5 is 2. One solution of the inequality x-1>4 is 6, and there are many more solutions. hope this helps

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