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However, it appears as if the two equations are essentially the same and therefore there are infinitely many solutions.

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Q: How many solutions do a equation have if y2x 4 and 2y4x 8?
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What are the lines for the equation y2x-4?


Is this equation linear or nonlinear y2x?

If you mean y = 2x then it is a straight line equation

What are the coordinates for linear equation y2x and x y12?

y2x - just double the coordinate of y to get x. xy12 - i have no idea

Is y2x plus 5 linear equation?

If you mean: y = 2x+5 then it is a straight line equation.

What does y2x-4 equal?

If you mean: y = 2x-4 then it is equal to a straight line equation

Can you help me with this simultaneous equation 2x y4 y2xยฒ-x 3?

No because it's not a simultaneous equation but some kind of algebraic expression

What is the solution of the system for yx 6 y2x?

Without a second independent equation, it's not a 'system' yet.

Which choice would be the equation of a parallel to the line represented by this equation y2x-3?

If you mean y = 2x-3 then the parallel equation will have the same slope of 2 but with a different y intercept

What is the equation to a line if it is parallel to Y2X -4 and goes through (15)?

If you mean: y = 2x-4 and (1, 5) then the parallel equation is y = 2x+3

What is the xintercept of y2x 5?

As written this is not a graphable thing. I does not represent a graphable equation because there is no "=" sign. Whatever the equation might be, the x intercept is found by setting y=0, which leaves you with an equation for x, which is the intercept.

What is the slope of a line whose equation is y2x-3?

If you mean: y = 2x-3 then the slope is 2 and the y intercept is -3

What is the answer for y2x-3?

If you mean y = 2x-3 then it is a straight line equation whereas 2 is the slope and -3 is the y intercept

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