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Though there are an unlimited amount of ways to show a fraction as a decimal. There is only one way to turn a fraction into a decimal.

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Q: How many ways can you turn a fraction into a decimal?
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How many ways can you express a fraction in math?

I think there is three different ways to write a fraction. You can write it as a percent, a decimal, and a reduced fraction. I hope this works! :)

What are three ways to express probability?

percentage, decimal, fraction

What does a fraction and a decimal have an common?

They are both ways of representing parts of whole numbers.

What does convert mean in math fraction and percent and decimal?

Starting with one of fraction, percent or decimal, find an equivalent value in one of the other ways of expressing numbers.

What are 3 ways to write a ratio?

A ratio can be interpreted in three main ways, namely as a fraction, a decimal or a percentage.

Two ways to decompose the fraction 68?

If you mean 6/8 then it is 3/4 as a reduced fraction or 0.75 as a decimal

How is a decimal different from a fraction?

A decimal shows numbers in tenths, hundredths, and other powers of ten. A fraction can be shown in other ways such as elevenths and fifteenths as well as tenths and hundredths.

What is 70 as a decimal and as a fraction?

There are many ways to convert 70 into a decimal and a fraction. You can also do it by approximating. If you take 70, for instance, just like you said, 75 is extremely close to this number. You can write 75 like this in a decimal: 0.75, and in a fraction: 3/4 I don't know how to write 70 in a fraction, but conversion websites, calculators, and maths books do. But to write it in a decimal, I think it is: 0.70, or 0.7. I hope I helped you.

How do you write 1400 in two ways?

As a decimal: 1400.0 As an improper fraction: 1400/1

How are the decimal the fraction and the percent all related?

They are all different ways of representing numbers.

How do you write fifteen hundredths in two different ways?

The fraction "15/100" or the decimal ".15"

What are Two ways to write a decimal as a fraction?

u can write it as a mixed number or a whole number