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There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year, so if you spend a thousand dollars per second, you would be spending 31, 536,000,000 dollars per year. So, if I divide a trillion by 31,536,000,000 the result is 31.7 years.

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Q: How many years would it take to spend a trillion dollars at one thousand dollars per second?
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How much money would you have to spend every second to spend a trillion dollars?

You could spend a fraction of a penny every second and spend a trillion dollars over a very long time. However to spend a trillion dollars in a certain amount of time it's $(1000000000 / Months * 2678400) per second. So over 5 months it would be about $76.67 per second.

How long would it take to spend 1 trillion dollars if you spent a million dollars a day?

It would take you roughly 2739 years to spend one trillion dollars at that rate.

How long would it take to spend a trillion dollars at spending one billion dollars a day?

The currency is $ therefore A trillion means a million million. 1,000,000,000,000 A billion means a thousand million. 1,000,000,000 It would therefore take 1,000 days.

How much money does the government spend on pencils?

23 trillion dollars

How many years would it take to spend a trillion dollars at a million minute?

A trillion dollars at a million [a] minute will take a billion minutes = 1901.3 years (approx).

If you spent 1000 dollars a day how long would it take to spend trillion dollars?

A trillion divide by 1000 = a billion - that is, a billion days. That's over 5 million years.

How many days it take to spend ten thousand dollars if you spend twenty dollars a day?

roughly 500 days.

If you spent 1 million a day how many days to spend a trillion dollars?

A trillion is a million million, so it would take one million days at $1 million a day to spend a trillion. One million days is about 2737.85 years .

How many dollars do tourist spend each year?

How many dollars do tourist spend each year in australia?-41 thousand

How much do you spend on fuel for rockets?

about a hundred thousand dollars

How much money do you spend on a dog in one year?

I spent about three hundred dollars when it was born. In about a year you would spend about one thousand dollars.

Best way to spend twenty thousand dollars?

Lots of electronics!

How do you spend ten thousand dollars?

Investing it would be the smartest thing to do

How long does it take to spend 1billion dollars at the rate of 10 thousand dollars a week?

1,923 years

How can you spend one hundred thousand dollars?

With 100,000 dollars, you can buy 100,000 items at a dollar store.

How long would it take to spend a million dollars if you spent a thousand dollars a day?

1000 DAYS

If you spend 100 dollars a day how many days would it take to spend a million dollars?

ten thousand 1,000,000 / 100 = 10,000

How much money does Utah spend on imported foods each year?

the united states spend 2.112 trillion dollars each year on imported foods

How long would it take to spend one billion dollars at one million dollars per hour?

one thousand hours :D

How much does the United States spend each year?

In 2007 the totallity of the United States budget was 2.77 trillion dollars. Estimations put the 2008 budget at atleast 3.15 trillion.

What are facts about 10 trillion dollars?

a lot like people you dont understand okay its a lot! you can spent 2 mil a day ! for 200 years and you wont even spend a trillion !

What is the conflict of one thousand dollars by O Henry?

i would say the main conflict is internal conflict because he doesnt and know how to spend the thousand dollars he has been given.

How Much Does America Spend on Gas Per Year?

The U.S. Spends an average of twelve trillion dollars on gas annually

How much money does congress spend on war each year?

The budget for 2008 for the US military was 777 trillion dollars.

How much do people spend on electronics each month?

thousand dollars for two months