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Digits is how many numbers you have in a number. If you have the number 4 it has one digit if you have the number 20 it has two digits and if you have the number 558 it has three digits. So basically in the number 1085 it has 4 digits because there is 4 numbers in it, the numbers are 1,0,8 and 5. Hoped you understand.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How may digits are there in a number?
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What is the largest three digit number if no digits may be repeated?

The largest number with no repeated digits is 9,876,543,210 although it is 10 digits long, the largest 3 digit number with no repeated digits is 987

Is -4.9 Irrational?

No. And in general, if a number has a finite number of decimal digits, it is rational.If it has an infinite number of digits, it may be rational or irrational.

How may digits is the security number of a master card?


What is the smallest three digit number if no digits may be repeated?


The number formed from 3 digits whose product is 6 may be?


What number has 2 digits and both digits are even?

24 is the smallest example, 86 is the highest (unless both digits may be the same when you could have 22 & 88)

What number has thirteen digits?

The number 1,234,567,890,123 has thirteen digits.

What is the largest digits number with repeated digits?

The largest ten digit number with no repeated digits is '9876543210'.

Is the number with the most digits always greatest?

no, it matters with the number not digits

How is a decimal a rational number?

A decimal is a rational number if:* It terminates - i.e., it has a finite number of decimal digits. * It doesn't terminate, but it repeats the same pattern over and over - possibly after a finite number of digits that are not included in the pattern. For example, 0.145145145145..., or 3.125252525...

Which is greater the greatest whole number with 5 digits or the least whole number with 6 digits?

The least whole number with 6 digits is greater because it has more digits than 5 digits.

What does a Merchant Number look like?

A Merchant Number is usually between 6 and 15 digits long. Examples: Natwest Streamline Merchant Number = 8 digits HSBC Merchant Number = 8 digits Lloyds TSB Cardnet Merchant Number = 15 digits Bank of Scotland Merchant Number = 15 digits Barclays Merchant Services Merchant Number = 7 digits American Express Merchant Number = 10 digits Diners Club Merchant Number = 10 digits JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) Merchant Number = 13 digits Elavon Merchant Number = 10 digits AIB (Allied Irish Bank) Merchant Number = 11 digits Ulster Bank (For Ireland Vendors only) Merchant Number = 8 digits Chase Payment Tech Merchant Number = 6 digits

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