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The double is negated by the half, so you are still left with the original three-fourths.

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Q: How much is double the half of three fourths?
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How much is 1 half Added to 1 fourth?


How much is one and three fourths times one and three fourths?

one and three fourths equals seven fourths. seven fourths times seven fourths is forty nine over sixteen (3 and 1/16)

How much is three fourths of an ounce?

One United States fluid ounce is equal to six teaspoons. Three fourths of one United States fluid ounce is four and a half tea spoons.

How much is one half of a dollar plus three fourths of a dollar plus 3 tenths of a dollar?


How much of earth is covered in water one fourth one half or three forth?


How much is 6 fourths of a cup?

six fourths of a cup is one and a half cups.

What is three fourths equal to as a decimal?

.75 is how much 3 fourths equals to

How much is 65 divided by three fourths?

65 divided by three fourths = 260/3 or 862/3

How much is double one half of three quarters?


How much is one fourth and three fourths of a liquid gallon?

One fourth and three fourths gives you a whole gallon

How much is three-fourths of 496?


How much is one and three fourths?


If a splorg costs three-fourths of a dollar plus three-fourths of a splorg how much does a splorg cost?

a buck two-eighty

How much sweetener equals three fourths cup of sugar?

Three-eighths of a cup (6 tablespoons) of honey equal three-fourths cup of sugar.

How much is three fourths times 3?


How much is three fourths of a dollar?

75 cents.

How much is three fourths of thirty two?


How much is three fourths of two dozens?


How much is three fourths of a circle?

75% of a circle.

How much is three fourths minus and 44.56?


How much is two one fourths of a cup?

one half of a cup

If there is half a circle a quarter circle and an eighth of a circle how much more of the circle is needed to make it whole?

Half circle plus quarter circle is equal to three-fourths of a circle. Three-fourths of a circle plus one eighth of a circle is seven-eighths. You still need one more eighth to complete the circle.

How much water covers the earth?

Three-fourths of water covers our earth - a lot, I know.Three-fourths or about 70%

How much bigger is 3 and one half than 3 and one fourths?

3 and one half is one fourth (1/4) bigger than 3 and one fourths.

How much makes up three fourths?

75% or 0.75

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