How old is the ceolocanth?

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Coelacanths are well known from the fossil record of 400 million to 75 million years ago.

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Q: How old is the ceolocanth?
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How long does a ceolocanth live?

A Ceolocanth can live up to 0ver 100 years old and according to scientists, it has been living at the bottom of the ocean for 400-500 years old

How long has the ceolocanth lived?

It has lived for 400-500 million years and was rediscovered in 1938

What Fish is famous in South Africa?

The most celebrated fish in south Africa was the discovery of the Ceolocanth, long though extinct which lives off the east coast of Africa

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there's alot but a few examples are the ceolocath, deugongs, and sharks the Indian ocean has alot of wild life some in which hasn't been discovered yet. one example is the ceolocanth, a large fish that thought to be extinct but was found in recent years.

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They are considered extinct, however there are a number of animals that we thought were extinct, but we ended up discovering them alive (IE, ivory billed woodpecker, ceolocanth, etc). There have been reported sightings of the Caspian tiger since they were declared extinct, however there wasn't enough evidence to prove that it existed. And they could be existing in any isolated area between China, Iran, and the Caspian Sea. So there is certainly a chance that the Caspian tiger could still be alive.

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