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Put the biggest first, the next biggest next... and the smallest last.

You may want to convert them all to a common denominator and then order them by numerator wioth the largest first and the smallest last.

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Q: How to arrange fractions in descending order?
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What is it called to arrange in order from greastest to least?


How do you arrange words in cline and examples?

its arranged by ascending and descending order.........

How do you arrange the fraction from greatest to least?

With certain fractions then experience and observation will enable them to be placed in descending order. With fractions where the order is difficult to assess then they will need to be converted to equivalent fractions having the same denominator. A direct comparison of the numerators will then enable the original fractions to be placed in order. EXAMPLE : Arrange 5/6. 8/9 and 7/8 in descending order. The Lowest Common Multiple of 6, 8 and 9 is 72. This is the new common denominator. 5/6 is equivalent to 5x12/6x12 = 60/72 : 8/9 is equivalent to 8x8/9x8 = 64/72 : 7/8 is equivalent to 7x9/8x9 = 63/72. Therefore the descending order is 64/72,63/72,60/72 or 8/9, 7/8, 5/6

Which way is ascending and descending?

Ascending order is when numbers are arranged from the smallest to the largest. Descending order is when numbers are arranged from the largest to the smallest.

Can you Arrange in order greatest to the least 9.005 9.051 9.05?

In descending order: 9.05, 9.051, 9.005

What do you call listing fractions from least to greatest or greatest to least?

Listing the fractions is ascending (or descending) order.

How do you put fractions in descending order?

Express all of them with a common denominator, then order them according to their numerators.

How do you order four fractions?

Find the lowest common denominator, convert them, and arrange them in ascending order.

How do you arrange dissimilar fractions in increasing order?

Two ways: Convert them to like fractions with a common denominator and order them by their numerators or convert them to decimals, order them, and change them back.

How would you arrange the following terms in descending order 9 - 12n2 plus 4n3 - 7n?

4n3 - 12n2 - 7n + 9

How do you make the largest number possible out of 5 4 9 8 7 0 6 3?

Arrange them in descending order.

How do you arrange fractions in asending order?

Various methods: * Convert the fractions into equivalent fractions with the same denominator; then order by smallest numerator to largest; * Convert the fractions to [approximate] decimals by dividing the numerators by the denominators; then order by the smallest decimal to largest; * Divide the denominators by the numerators; then order by the largest result to the smallest. In all cases list the original fractions.