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sin312 the terminal angle of 312 is equal to 48 degrees! That's all i know!

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Q: How to express sin of an angle in terms of the terminal angle?
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Express the function 120 degree as function of an acute angle?

Example: Express sin 120⁰ as a function of an acute angle (an angle between 0⁰ and 90⁰).Solution:Each angle θ whose terminal side lies in quadrant II, III, or IV has associated with it an angle called the reference angle, alpha (alpha is formed by the x-axis and the terminal side).Since 120⁰ lies on the second quadrant, then alpha = 180⁰ - 120⁰ = 60⁰.Since sine is positive in the second quadrant, sin 120⁰ = sin 60⁰.Example: Express tan 320⁰ as a function of an acute angle.Solution:Since 320⁰ lies on the fourth quadrant, then alpha = 360⁰ - 320⁰ = 40⁰.Since tangent is negative in the fourth quadrant, tan 320⁰ = -tan 40⁰.

Express sine in terms of cotangent?

sin(x) = [1 + cot^2(x)]^-0.5

A is an angle whose sin is 37 and whose secant is negative Its vertex is the origin and one side is the positive x axis. What quadrant does the terminal side of the angle reach?

There is no such angle, since the sine of an angle cannot be greater than 1.

What is cot x sin x simplified?

To simplify such expressions, it helps to express all trigonometric functions in terms of sines and cosines. That is, convert tan, cot, sec or csc to their equivalent in terms of sin and cos.

The refractive index of water is 1.33 a ray is incident from water on air at an angle of incidence equal to 30 degree what is the angle of refraction in air?

nwater * sin 30=nair *sin(angle of refraction) 1.33*0.5=1*sin(angle of refraction) sin(angle of refractiob)=0.665 angle of refraction inair=41.6 degrees nwater * sin 30=nair *sin(angle of refraction) 1.33*0.5=1*sin(angle of refraction) sin(angle of refractiob)=0.665 angle of refraction inair=41.6 degrees

How do you apply double angle formulas for csc sec cot?

write in terms of sin, cos or tan then use the double angle formulae. I.e. cosec(x)=1/sin(x) =1/[2sin(x)cos(x)]

How do you calculate the angle if you know Sin of the angle?

type the value of sine in the calculator and press 2ND SIN for sin-1, or press 2ND SIN for sin-1 and type the value of sine, because -sin(.xxxx) = angle known as inverse sine

How do you convert angle degrees to mm offset if you know the length of the side?

This question is ambiguous. If you have an original side, and you know the terminal (final) side, and you know the terminal angle (between the two sides), then there's really not that much more. For rectangular coordinates (x and y) of offsets, use sines and cosines. Vertical offset is (terminal sidelength)*sin(DEGREE MEASURE) Horizontal offeset is (terminal sidelength)*cos(DEGREE MEASURE)

What is the difference between sin x and sin -1 x .?

-- sin(x) is a number. It's the sine of the angle 'x'. -- sin-1(x) is an angle. It's the angle whose sine is the number 'x'.

How do you express sin x plus cos x divided by cos x in terms of tan x?

(sin x + cos x) / cosx = sin x / cos x + cosx / cos x = tan x + 1

How to express Sin squared 1 in terms of cos 1?

sin2(1) = 1 - cos2(1) = 1 - [cos(1)]2

What is the reference angle sin 285?

Sin(285) is a number, not an angle. The reference angle for 285 degrees is 285-360 = -75 degrees.