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As tan(x)=sin(x)/cos(x)

and sin(pi/4) = cos(pi/4) (= sqrt(2)/2)

then tan(pi/4) = 1

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Q: How was it determined that the tangent of pi divided by 4 is 1?
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What is Tan pi over 4?

tangent of pi/4 = 1

How do you get a tangent of 1?

If you have an angle of (pi/4+k*pi) or pi*(0.25+k) radians where k is an integer.

Find the equation of the line tangent to the graph of y equals cos2x at x equals pi divided by 4?


What is 2 pi divided by 2 pi?


What is pi times 3 divided by 3?


What is inverse tangent?

It is a function which maps the tangent ratio - any real value - to an angle in the range (-pi/2, pi/2) radians. Or (-90, 90) degrees.If tan(x) = y then x is the inverse tangent of y.It is also known as "arc tangent", and spreadsheets, such as Excel, use "atan" for this function.Warning:1/tangent = cotangent is the reciprocal, NOT the inverse.

What is the sin of pi divided by 2?

sin (pi/2) = 1

What is Pi 1 times 1 times 2 divided by 3?

It is 2*pi/3.

What is the sin of pi divided by 6?


Why is it tangent 90 degrees is undefined?

Because it tends to infinity. Additionally, tangent can be expressed as sin theta divided by cos theta. The sine of 90 is 1. The cosine of 90 is 0. That would be 1 divided by 0, or division by zero; which is undefined.

Who proved that pi was irrational and when?

In 1761, Joseph Lambert proved that pi was irrational by basically proving that the tangent of some number x could be expressed as a particular continued fraction as a function of x. He then went on to show that if x was rational, the continued fraction must be irrational, and since the tangent of pi/4 was 1 (i.e. rational), then pi/4 and thus pi itself must not be rational.

What is the cotangent of 7 times Pi divided by 4?


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