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Because it tends to infinity.

Additionally, tangent can be expressed as sin theta divided by cos theta. The sine of 90 is 1. The cosine of 90 is 0. That would be 1 divided by 0, or division by zero; which is undefined.

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Q: Why is it tangent 90 degrees is undefined?
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Why is the tangent of 90 degrees undefined?

tan(x) = sin(x) /cos(x).When x = 90 degrees then cos(x) = 0 so tan(x) requires division by zero - which is not defined.

Where is tan undefined in trig?

90 degrees is one

What is the tangent of 90 degrees and deduce reason why the slope of all lines following this formula are parallel to the y-axis?

Everytime you determine on your calculators the tangent of 90 degrees, it returns an electron overflow equivalent to a machine-shriek. This is due to the fact that the formula attempted to divide by zero, thus, the result of TANGENT of 90 degrees is UNDEFINED(Division By ZERO is UNDEFINED/not allowed). All lines following this formula is parallel to the y-axis, including the line on the y-axis itself. Hence, point of tangency is impossible to define since parallel lines NEVER MEET.

What type of angle is formed by a tangent and a radius?

The angle between the radius and the tangent is a right angle of 90 degrees.

What is the measure of the angle formed between a tangent and the diameter of a circle?

It is 90 degrees between the circle's diameter and its tangent

Where is tangent undefined?

-pi/2 and pi/2

Why is tangent 180 degrees undefined?

It's not. The tangent of 180 degrees is zero. Consider tan(x) = sin(x)/cos(x). When x = 180 degrees, sin(x) = 0 and cos(x) = -1 and so tan(x) = 0

Explain why tan270 degrees is undefined?

Just as at 90 degrees, it goes to infinity. That is because tangent of angle is opposite side over adjacent side. The oppsoite side gets bigger and bigger after 45 dgerees ( and in your case then after 225 degrees) until it grows beyond all bounds at 270 degrees

What is the tangent of 60 degrees?

the tangent of 60 degrees is 1.7321

What is the tangent of 75 degrees?

The tangent of 75 degrees is: 3.7320507852401

How does the tangent function relate to sine and cosine?

Tangent = sine/cosine provided that cosine is non-zero. When cosine is 0, then tangent is undefined.

What is the tangent of eighty nine degrees?

The tangent of 89 degrees is: 57.3

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