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tangent of pi/4 = 1

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Q: What is Tan pi over 4?
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What is cot of pi - pi over 4 given that tan of pi over 4 equals 1?

First: note 3 things about cot and tan, and note the given statement:cot = 1/tantan is cyclic with a period of π, that is tan(nπ + x) = tan(x)tan is an odd function, that is tan(-x) = -tan(x)tan(π/4) = 1Now apply them to the problem:cot(π - π/4) = 1/tan(π - π/4)= 1/tan(-π/4)= 1/-tan(π/4)= 1/-1 = -1Thus:cot(π - π/4) = -1.

Value of tan pie over 1?

tan (pi) / 1 is zero. tan (pi / 1) is zero.

How was it determined that the tangent of pi divided by 4 is 1?

As tan(x)=sin(x)/cos(x) and sin(pi/4) = cos(pi/4) (= sqrt(2)/2) then tan(pi/4) = 1

How do you find theta if tan theta equals 1 and 0 is less than or equal to theta which is less than 2pi?

tan(theta) = 1 then theta = tan-1(1) + n*pi where n is an integer = pi/4 + n*pi or pi*(1/4 + n) Within the given range, this gives theta = pi/4 and 5*pi/4

1 over tan x equals what?

44 PI

What is the exact value of tan pie over 3?

tan(pi/3)= sqrt(3)

What is the tangent of pi over 5?

Tan(Pi/5) = √(5-2*√(5)) ~= 0.7265

What are the trigonometric functions for 240?

It is easiest to find these using the unit circle. Assuming you want exact values for sin, cos, and tan.240 degrees is equal to 4[Pi]/3 radians.cos(4[Pi]/3) and sin(4[Pi]/3) are easy to find using the unit circle,cos(4[Pi]/3) = -1/2sin(4[Pi]/3) = -(Sqrt[3])/2To find tan, you will need to do a little arithmetic. We know that tan(x) = sin(x)/cos(x), so,tan(4[Pi]/3) = sin(4[Pi]/3)/cos(4[Pi]/3)tan(4[Pi]/3) = (-(Sqrt[3])/2) / (-1/2)tan(4[Pi]/3) = ((Sqrt[3])/2) * (2/1)tan(4[Pi]/3) = ((Sqrt[3])*2) / (2*1)tan(4[Pi]/3) = (Sqrt[3]) / 1tan(4[Pi]/3) = Sqrt[3]Find the other 3 using reciprocal. This is just a little arithmetic and up to you. You know that cossec(x) = 1/sin(x), sec(x) = 1/cos(x) and cot(x) = cos(x)/sin(x).

How do you solve for the exact value of tan 2 pi?

tan 2 pi = tan 360º = 0

What is the smallest positive number for which tan of 3x equals 1?

tan(3x)=1 3x= PI/4 x=PI/12 is the smallest positive number

What is the period of y equals tan2x?

The period of the tangent function is PI. The period of y= tan(2x) is PI over the coefficient of x = PI/2

What is the value of x in Arc tanx 5pidivided by 4?

1 because tan(5 pi / 4) = 1

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