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Q: How we make a triangle using 4 pieces?
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What fraction of the square is each triangle if its broke into 4 pieces?


Can 9 toothpicks s be used to form 4 congruent triangles?

Yes. Make one triangle using hree matches. Underneath the two vertices at the base of this triangle, make another two triangles, using six more matches. You will find that there is an inverted triangle in the middle - the fourth.

How do you make 3 dollars using 34 coins?

4 fifty-cent pieces 6 dimes 4 nickels 20 pennies

What is a 4 triangle's make?

A rhombus.

How many different triangle's will a triangle always be able to make?


Can a trapezoid make a triangle?

No because a trapezoid has 4 sides and a triangle has three if a trapezoid had three then it would be a triangle. If you had 3 trapezoids you could make a triangle!

What 4 identical shapes make triangle?

Four equilateral triangles make up another equilateral triangle.

How many pieces can you get with 4 cuts?

I think you can make 12 pieces at most

Do these three sides make a right triangle 4 4 8?


If you have a normal cake What is the maximum number of pieces you can make with only 4 straight cuts?

You would have 8 pieces of cake. A: I can make ten pieces.

How do you make a t using 4 shapes?

You need to have 3 quadriladerals and a triangle. The triangle goes up against the half pencil shape for the top. The rectangle starts the bottom and the square goes under it. Thats your T.

What 4 identical shapes make a triangle?

4 Triangles A trapezoid makes 3 triangles. The 4th triangle can be placed on the top of the trapezoid.