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We can determine the end point of permanganometry by using titration.

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Q: How you can determine the end-point of the permanganometry?
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What is the colour of Mn2 plus ion in estimation of iron 2 by permanganometry?

The color of Mn2+ ion in estimation of iron 2 permanganometry is purple.

Two rays that share an endpoint determine an angle?


Two rays that share an endpoint determine an angle True or false?

true - apex

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How do you determine end point of a reaction?

you can determine the endpoint of a reaction by titration(when the colour changes using an indicator) or by termination(a temperature change)

Why h3po4 is added to mohr's salt during permanganometry?

to stabilize the permanganate solution or to avoid its decomposition or reduction

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If endpoint J is at (4, 15) and midpoint L is at (1, 8) then endpoint K is at (-2, 1) Because (4-2)/2 = x and (15+1)/2 = y for midpoint (1, 8)

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Type in google and type in picture of an endpoint then press Endpoint pictures it really works :o

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The endpoint of obtuse angle is called a vertex.

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