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Zero factorial is equal to one.

0! = 1

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: I know what exclamations in algebra mean but how would i answer 0 with an exclamation after it?
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How do you write a sentence with exclamation?

His exclamation took me by surprise, I didn't know he would be so glad to see me.

What do articles always go in front of in Spanish?

So that the person will know how to say the sentence (with exclamation, or questioning) before reading the sentence. They don't make the exclamations right side up because otherwise it will be confused with the last sentence's articles.

What class is best to take first geometry or algebra?

Algebra. I took it in that order, and to do most of the geometry, you HAVE to know algebra. If I had taken geometry first, I would have failed. ALGEBRA FIRST.

Why algebra imprortant for us to know?

Algebra is important because it is the stepping-stone for other types of math, such as logarithms, geometry, and physics. If someone had not invented algebra, much of what we know today would not be known.

What TYPE of math skills would astronauts use as in how much math do they need to know algebra 2 or calculus please be specific?

Algebra and calculus

Which course is better pre-algebra 1 or pre-algebra 2?

It depends on how far you are on Pre-algebra. If you don't know anything, I recommend you take Pre-algebra 1. If you are advanced in Pre-algebra and you know variables and expressions then I recommend you take Pre-algebra 2

Is algebra foundations 2 and algebra 1B the same thing?

Depends. Most of us would not know what "Algebra Foundations 2" or "Algebra 1B" are, since the name of such a course is probably determined by the school or local district. Compare the curricula of both courses to see if they are the same.

What is x plus x in algebra?

It depends what x is. If you do not know the value of either variable it would be 2x.

Did the Egyptians create algebra?

yes cos like everyone know's Muslims created Algebra, and the algebra was created at Egyptian times. :)

How is algebra related to medical technology?

Algebra is related to medical technology because you can't do medical technology as much if you don't know Algebra. Because Algebra makes it easier.

What is a vertice in algebra?

A vertice is a corner of a shape or point in Geometry. Sorry, I don't know what it is in Algebra.

Who were the first person to know algebra?


Do you need a comma after oh?

Exclamations are typically separated from the rest of a sentence by a comma. "Oh! I didn't know that!" "Oh, it isn't that important."

Why is Algebra impossible for you?

It's not impossible.... if you do know what you are doing.

Does algebra affect us?

i don't know? probably.

Would you please explain what algebra is so preschoolers will understand?

Using math to figure out numbers you didn't know before.

How do you do algebra with angles?

f*cking idiot! what kind of nub knows how to use a computer and doesn't know algebra?

Why do you use standard form in algebra?

You use standard form in algebra because you have to know the number before you answer the problem

Why is knowledge of Algebra is essential for an engineer?

Algebra is used to solve simple problems involving know and unknown variables.

In algebra a 3a?

3a is part of an algebra equation. It mean the variable "a" time 3. to solve, you need to know the value of a. if the value of a is 5 the 3a would be 3 x 5 which is 15.

What is the function in algebra of ordered pairs?

The function in algebra of ordered pairs is function notation. For example, it would be written out like: f(x)=3x/4 if you wanted to know three fourths of a number.

Will you fail calculus if you are good at algebra?

You'll certainly not fail BECAUSE you are good at algebra - you need to know algebra well, to understand calculus. So, it is not guaranteed that you will succeed, but if you are good at algebra, your chances are certainly a lot better than if your are not good at algebra.

Why do doctors need algebra knowledge?

because when they are doing surgery they need to know their algebra, because their is this thing called doctoralgerbrasurgen and when they know that they can be a doctor that knows algerbra.

How do you solve competitive maths questions more effectively?

DO ALGEBRA! If you don't know algebra, ask your mom and dad or attend a class on algebra or LOOK IT UP ON THE COMPUTER!

Why was algebra invented?

Algebra is a tremendously useful mathematical tool, without which modern science and technology would not have been possible. Algebra was invented as a tool for solving mathematical problems, and it has proved to be tremendously useful. Modern technology as we know it would have been impossible without the use of algebra. +++ More accurately, algebra is the set of symbols and rules used to construct mathematics. It is not a calculating tool to solve problems in its own right, but allows you to express the ways in which to solve those problems.