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Q: If y have 1,146 and add 10 more what is the answer?
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What is the algebraic equation for the statement Add 7 to the sum of y and 16 and the result is 10?

It is: y+16+7 = 10 and the value of y is -13

5x-y equals 8 x plus y equals 10?

Add: 5x - y + x + y + 8 + 10 ie 6x = 18 so x = 3 and y = 7

What is y minus 12 less than minus 10?

Y - 12 < -10 Add 12 to both sides: Y < 2

Two numbers that multiply to -10 and add to 0?


What is the product of y and 10?

What is the product of y and 10

How can you simplify 15 minus y over 4 is greater than 10?

15-y/4>10 15-10>y/4 [add y/4-10 to both sides] 5>y/4 [simplify lhs] 20>y [multiply by 4] y<20 [move y to lhs]

Could you give 10 words in which j is pronounced as y?

Ja - Pronounced Yar - Translation: Yes Please, other contributors add more...

What is 10 more than y?

fock u...

What is y squared minus thirteen y add twelve?

It is: y^2 -13y +12 = (y-1)(y-12) when factored

Words that end in the vowel y and add es?

drop the y and add ies

How do you add er suffix to words ending in consonant y?

Change the y to an I and add er

What is y if 30y equals 10 plus y?

If: 30y = 10+y Then: y = 10/29

What is the slope of 15x-15y equals -10?

15x - 15y = -10 :add 15y to both sides ---> 15x = 15y - 10add 10 to both sides ---> 15x + 10 = 15ydivide both sides by 15 ---> x + 10/15 = y ---> x + 2/3 = yThe final equation y = x + 2/3 in the form y = mx + b, with m =1 and b = 2/3.Slope (m) is 1, and y-intercept (b) is 2/3.

What are some words that drop the letter e and add the letter y?

slime is a word where you can add y because to make slimy drop the e and add y to make it slimy

What is 2x y-10?

2x y-10 = -8

What is 5x y-10?

5x y-10 = -5

What is the negation of this statement x plus y equals 10?

x+y does not equal 10, which can be written x+y ~= 10 or x+y != 10.

What is the y intercept of y equals 7x plus 10?

The Y intercept of y=7x+10 is 10.

What is a word that follows the rule change the y to an you and add es?

Change the 'y' to an 'i' and add e-s.

What is Ten more than half the number y is 54 what number is y?

y=88 88/2=44 44+10=54

How do you say its 610 in Spanish?

6:10 in Spanish is: Son las seis y diez. If it is the morning, add: de la maΓ±ana. If it is in the afternoon, add: de la tarde.

What is an expression for ten more than a number?


X plus y equals 6 x - y equals 4?


What is the y-intercept of the graph of y 4x 10?

If you mean: y = 4x+10 then the y intercept is 10 and the slope of the line is 4

How do you work the problem 3y-5x equals 10?

Given equation 3y - 5x = 10, first, add 5x to both sides in order to make the y the only thing on the left side. So, now you have 3y= 10 + 5x. Then, divide both sides by 3 to get y by itself. y = (5/3)x + (10/3)