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Q: If a ball is dropped from a height of 100m each time it hits the ground it bounces 3 5ths of the height it fell How far will the ball have traveled in the 5th bounce?
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If a basketball is properly inflated, it should rebound after bouncing on the ground to about one-Half the height from which it was dropped. If the ball is dropped from 20 feet, how high will it bounce back after the sixth bounce?


How high do balls bounce?

The height to which a ball will bounce depends on the height from which it is dropped, what the ball is made out of (and if it is inflated, what the pressure is), and what the surface it bounces from is made out of. The radius of the ball doesn't really matter, if you are measuring the height of the ball from the bottom of the ball to the ground.

Why does the bouncy ball bounce higher the first time it bounces?

The ground absorbs some of the energy.

What is bounce pass in netball?

A bounce pass is a type of pass in sports where the ball hits the ground and bounces back up into someone hands.

When a tennis ball is dropped to the ground it does not bounce back to its original height?

This is because...when a ball is dropped onto the ground, some of its energy and momentom is lost due to friction from the surface and when it bounces back....the gravitaton force pulls it downwards.... so it does not bounce back to its original height.if the ball is dropped onto an arena where there is zero gravitaion and friction, it will keep on bouncing back to thr same height.Aakash - IT (3rd Year).

A ball is dropped from 10 feet above the ground.It hits the ground and bounces up half as high as it fellThis is true for each successive bounce.What height does the ball reach on the fourth bounce?

1.75 ft

Does cricket ball have to bounce when bowled?

The ball doesn't have to bounce, but if it passes the batsman above the waist before it bounces then it will be a no-ball. If it hits the ground, then bounces over head height, it will be allowed once per over. any more head height bouncers will be classed as wides.

Why doesn't a bouncy ball bounce as high as from where it was dropped?

Gravity and air friction reduces the ball's height on each bounce, until the ball comes to rest on the ground.

Why does a basketball rise to a lower point each times it bounces?

Because it loses momentum each time it bounces. That is why you use your hand to bounce the ball, giving it more momentum going down which causes it to hit the ground harder. During the spit second it hits the ground, the air pressure in the ball increases, causing it to bounce back up to your hand.

Which bounces higher a tennis ball or basketball?

it depends how hard the ball hits the ground a basketball would deffinetly bounce higher than a tennis ball

Explain why the height of a bouncing ball decreases after each bounce?

Because energy is lost due to air resistance and through inelastic deformation of the ball with the ground when it bounces.

Will a ball bounce higher if it is thrown to the ground at different heights using the same force?

As a ball falls from a greater height, it gains kinetic energy and bounces higher.

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