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If A = T and T = U then A = U.

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Q: If a equals t and t equals u what does a equals?
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Q plus r equals s so t plus u equals?


Solve each formaul for the indicated variable you equals prt for r?

u = p r t r = u / p t

In physics if v equals u plus at how do i change the fumula to make you a or t the subject?

If: v = u+at Then: -u = -v+at or u = v-at (by dividing all terms by -1) a = (v-u)/t t = (v-u)/a

If v equals you plus at how DO you make u a or t the subject?

You use inverse operations !!

What is you equals prt if p8000 r 0.6 and t 1?

u = prt u = 8000 * 0.6 * 1 u = 4800

How do you solve 3t-6 equals t-2?

I'm guessing you want to solve for t so: 3t-6=t-2 u bring the t from the left side and subtract it from the 3t and u get 2t b/c 3-1 is 2 2t-6=2 then u bring the 6 over to the right side and u add it to the 2 and u get 2t=8 and then u divide 8 by 2 and u get t=4 if u dont understand u shud probably go to an algebra teacher because they can explain it better

A equals finial velocity-initial velocity divided by time?

This formula is derived from one of the basic laws of motion; v = u + at : where 'v' is the final velocity, 'u' is the initial velocity, 'a' is the acceleration and 't' is the time v = u + at, therefore, v - u = at : a = (v - u) ÷ t

Find s when t equals 10 if s is inversely proportional to t and s equals 100 when t equals 5?


What is the mRNA sequence for t a c t a g a a g t t t t a c c t t a c t?

the mRNA sequence is A U G A U C U U C A A A A T G G A A U G A

WHAT IS 13-U equals 645?


5 equals 4 t - 7?

ok i can help you. 5=4t-7 ok then fist u add 7 both sides of the equation. the u get 12=4t, now u have to isolate the varible. divide 4 each side. your ansers is 3=t i hope this helps u. =]

If s is directly proportional to t and s equals 40 when t equals 15 find t when s equals 64?

s is directly proportional to t

What was jack's speed from t equals 5 sec to t equals 10 sec?

There is sufficient information to determine Jack's speed at t equals 10 seconds.

What does Elisa's invitation to the stranger to enter her garden signify about her emotional state?

She decides to trust him.

How do you play eastenders theme tune on the keyboard?

t, y, u, i, o, p, i, i, u, y, t, t, t, u, i, o, u, y, t.

What is 3 divided by 18 equals what?

3 divided by 18 equals what = 0.16666666666666666

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I can play the chorus. y, u, y, u, u y, u, t, e, u, t, e, u, t, y, t, u, t, y, u, t, e, w, u, t, e, w, e, t, o, i, u, y y, u, t, e, u, t, e, e, u, t, y, y, t, u, t, y, w, e, t, o, u, o, y, y, y, u, t, t, o, i, u, y Ready or not Here I come Where you at? The night is young In the crowd the music's loud but I will find you Ready or not Here I come I like your face Do you like my song? Just sing it la la la la la la and I'll find you go to and play this

What does T RN mean in brain teasers?

T RN means no "u" turn, just the word "turn" without a "u".

What does t equal if -t equals 5?

If -t = 5, then t = -5

What is the next letter in the sequence O U E H R A?

U2nd letter of days of the week

How do you rearrange u equals 1 plus lnx to get x equals?

If: u = 1+lnx Then: x = (u-1)/(ln)

How do you spell subsititue?

S-U-B-S-T-I-T-U-T-E :)

What is 7 plus 8 equals 3xt therefore T equals?

(7 + 8)/3 = t Therefore, t = 5.

What times 4 equals 36?

9 times 4 equals 36.

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T, y, u, t, i, u, i, u, y, r, t, y, u, u, y, u, y, t x2 e, e, u, u, i, u. x3 ttett your welcome writer! :D :) Jessica