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2.5 inches

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Q: If a screw moves one inch in 12 turns how many inches will it move in 30 turns?
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What do the numbers for a screw mean?

length of the screw, and number of turns per inch

How long is a three fourth inch screw?

4 inches or longer

Eight turns of a screw advance it 4 inches. How many inches will ten turns advance it?

8 turns-4 inches2 turns-1 inch10 turns-5 inchesI can explain;)when we divide the eight turns by 4, we must divide 4 inches by 4 too. Then, when we multiply the 2 turns by 5, we must multiply the 1 inch by 5 too.Hope this clarified your doubts>

What is the theoretical mechanical advantage of a screw that has four threads per inch and a pitch diameter of 2.25 inches?


How far will a 26 inch diameter bicycle tire travel each time it turns?

81.7 inches

What is screw thread micrometer?

This is a tool that is used to measure the pitch diameter of a screw. This tool looks like a standard micrometer except that the anvils are specially configured to reach into the screw thread groove and touch the pitch diameter of the screw thread. The screw thread micrometer does not measure any other aspect of the screw thread. It does not measure the: pitch; threads-per-inch; major diameter; minor diameter; flank angles; lead; helix angle.

What size screw do you use to mount a westinghouse 32 inch led tv?

A Westinghouse 32 inch TV should be mounted to the wall with a half inch screw. A larger screw can be used, if available.

When an 8 square inch piston moves 5 inches within a cylinder the volume of a liquid displaced will be?

Volume = pi*r2*h = 8*5 = 40 cubic inches

What thing moves inch by inch?

An inchworm.

A one and seven-eighths inch screw is thread for two-thirds its length if the screw has sixteen threads how far will it go into a piece of wood with each complete turn?

Assuming it is the LENGTH of the screw that is 1_7/8: (2/3 * 1.875)/16 = .078 inches

Can a string be 3 inches to the nearest inch half inch and quarter inch explain?

3 inches to the nearest inch and 3 inches to the nearest half inch both refer to a length not less than 2.5 inches and less than 3.5 inches. 3 inches to the nearest quarter inch refers to a length not less than 2.75 inches and less than 3.25 inches.

How many square inches are in an inch.?

There are no square inches in an inch. Square inches are units of area and inches are units of length.