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The value of the letters X, B, Y,A would be 1. This is used in math.

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Q: If ab 37 and 1 37 what is the value of the product x b y a?
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What is the product of the reciprocal from 1a and 1b is?

It is 1/(ab).

1 For the two vectors find the scalar product AB and the vector product?

For two vectors A and B, the scalar product is A.B= -ABcos(AB), the minus sign indicates the vectors are in the same direction when angle (AB)=0; the vector product is ABsin(AB). Vectors have the rule: i^2= j^2=k^2 = ijk= -1.

Two fractions whose product is 1 are known as?

Reciprocals. Example (a/b)(b/a)=(ab/ab)=1

BC equals 1 What is the value of AB?


What is the LCM of 37 and 42?

Their product.

What is the ratio of 37 divided by 5 to the product 6 multiply 37 divided by 6?

37/5 : 6*37/6 = 37/5 : 37 = 1/5 : 1 = 1 : 5

The sum of two numbers is 32 and the product of these two numbers is 48 what is the sum of the reciprocal of the two numbers?

1/a + 1/b = b/ab + a/ab = (b+a)/ab So, the answer to your question is 32/48 or 2/3

what is the value of 8+4*(7+1)-3?


If A = ■(1&2@1&4) & ■(2&1@2&1) Find the product matrix AB & hence find its inverse matrix, if it exists?


What is the answer to 1 over A plus 1 over B equals 1 third?

What is the question ?Since there are two unknown quantities ('A' and 'B'), we need two equations in order to find thevalues of both.All we can do is massage the numbers around in various ways to make some statements about them,but we can't find their values without another equation.(1/A) + (1/B) = 1/3Multiply each side by (AB):B + A = AB/3.Multiply each side by [ 3/(A+B) ]:AB/(A+B) = 3(Their product) divided by (their sum) = 3=============================================How to find the value of one of them, as soon as you decide on the value of the other one:A = 1 / (1/3 - 1/B)andB = 1 / (1/3 - 1/A)

What is the product of prime factors for the number 37?

37 is a factor of 148 because 37 divides evenly (four times with no remainder) into 148.

Can the product of any two numbers be a prime number?

The product of two numbers is prime only if the numbers are 1 and the number itself. For example: 1 x 2 = 2. 1 x 37 = 37 If the factors are any numbers besides 1 and the number itself, the number is a composite number.