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Q: If oxygen is removed from the fire triangle what is this called?
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Which part of the fire triangle is removed by the firefighters?

heat or oxygen

Which side of the fire triangle is removed by a firebreak?

A fire triangle consist of Fuel (Bushes), Heat (Fire) and Oxygen and the three combine creates a chemical chain reaction.In this case the fuel is removed so if there is nothing to burn you have no fire.

What are the three points of a fire triangle?

The three elements of the fire triangle that must be present are Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. This has recently been changed though from the fire triangle to the fire tetrahedron. This includes Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel as well. But, it also contains a fourth, chemical reaction.

What are the three ingredients for fire?

It's called the "Fire Triangle" and the three sides are "Heat", "Fuel" and "Oxygen".

Which of the fire triangle is removed if chip pan fire happens and is quenched per recommendation?

To put out a chip pan fireyou can not remove heat quickly enoughnor can you remove fuelSo you have to remove oxygen by smothering with a damp teatowel or cloth etc and preventing OXYGEN from reaching the fire.

What are needed for a fire to burn?

The three things needed to make a fire burn, what is called the Fire Triangle, are 1] oxygen 2] heat 3] fuel

What is needed for something to burn?

Fire need a fuel, so wood or leaves and of course it needs Oxygen (O2)! That's that. A fire needs three things, feul, oxygen and heat, remove any one and the fire will die.

How does fire?

Fire burns with the fire triangle. Heat, oxygen, and fuel (wood or gasoline).

Where does oxygen come into the fire triangle?

yh yh

What are the parts of a fire triangle?

oxygen, heat, and fuel

What gas in the fire triangle is needed for burning?


What is removed when put out a chip fire?