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Q: If p the skateboard original price in dollars which mathematical sentence expresses the information above?
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Where can i design a skateboard?

If one wants original artwork for the board, any good local artist should be able to do the job. For actual board design a skateboard designer such as Original Skateboards can be contacted to design and manufacturer an original skateboard.

Can i make my own mathematical law?

you can make your own mathematical law, but it should be very similar and related to the original mathematical law. also there is an another issue, sometimes your own mathematical law will not work, so it is very important and better to use the original mathematical law to avoid mistakes and to get the correct answer.

What is better nickel skateboard or penny skateboard?

a penny is the original so thats what you should buy because its way funner to ride and you cud keep it in your locker

What type of style skateboard is good for tricks?

The original type of skateboard is much better than the other! It is very hard to do tricks on longboards and on plastic cruisers

What percent expresses a 5 percent decrease in the original whole?

95% You simply subtract the decrease from the original 100%.

Is there more then one way to ollie on a skateboard?

Kind've but it will look different then the original way.

What is the ratio of the change in an amount to the original amount expresses as a percent?

It is the percentage change.

How do you find the regular price of an item when your given the sale price and the percent off?

-- subtract the percent off from 100 -- divide the sale price by the answer -- multiply that answer by 100, and you have the original price

How much is an original HOSOI Hammerhead skateboard with original Tracker black ultralight trucks and original Powell and Paralta Rat Bone 85A wheels all in good condition worth?

53 to 65 US Dollars

What is the direct object in this sentence Renaldo showed you his skateboard yesterday?

"you""You" is the direct object of the sentence "Renaldo showed you his skateboard yesterday". This is shown by the grammaticality of a corresponding passive:"You were shown his skateboard by Renaldo yesterday", since being made subject of a passive is a good test for whether a noun phrase is a direct object.But the function of the "you" is that of indirect object, as can be seen in the related sentence "Renaldo showed his skateboard to you yesterday", which has the direct object "his skateboard", and the related passive for this sentence has the original direct object as subject: "His skateboard was shown to you by Renaldo yesterday.So, what has happened here is that the original indirect object, "to you", has be converted into a direct object, "you", which is then subject to passivization.Some speakers of English also accept the passive made by passivizing the old direct object instead of the direct object derived from the indirect object: ?"His skateboard was shown you yesterday by Renaldo".

Martin wants to buy a skateboard that normally sells for 30.00 if the skateboard goes on sale for 18.00 what is the percent decrease in the price of the skateboard?

It's 40% off the original price. This is because of the following: $30 is 100% of the price, and $18 is "x" percent of the price, and they are proportional to each other. The equation is: 30/100=18/x *cross multiply* x(30)=18(100) x(30)=1800 x=1800/30 x=60 x is 60% of the original price. Therefore it is 40% off the original price. dollars?

What percentage is a skateboard marked up if the original price 25 dollars and the second price was 30 dollars?

It would be marked up 20%