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-- subtract the percent off from 100

-- divide the sale price by the answer

-- multiply that answer by 100, and you have the original price

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Hillary bought a skateboard at 40% off the regular price. The discount on the skateboard was $18. What was the regular price of the skateboard?

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Q: How do you find the regular price of an item when your given the sale price and the percent off?
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How do you find cost price if profit percent and selling price is given?

find cost price if selling price =600 and profit=20%

The regular price of an item is 79.99 the discount percent 15 percent find the discount and the sale price?

The discount value is $11.99 and the sale price is $67.99

How do you find sales price when given percent of increase?

if p is the percent increase, multiply the old price by (1+p) to get the new increased price.

Bobby saved 32 when he purchased a jacket at a clearance sale if the price was 40 percent off the regular price what was the regular price of the jacket?

The regular price would be $80. You take 32 and divide it by .4 to find your answer.

How do you find the percent off given the sale and regular price?

First, find the amount of the discountExample: $299.95 - $179.99 = $119.962. Next, use this percent equation to find the percent discount.Words: $119.96 is what percent of $299.95?Variable: Let n represent the percent.Equation: $119.96 = n times $299.95$119.96 = n times $299.95|Write the Equation0.40 = n|Divide each side by $299.95The Percent of discount is about 40%-gh500

How do you find out the price of a computer if it is on sale for 1600 which with a 20 percent discount off the regular price?

1%=0.01 20%=0.2 1-0.2=0.8 1600x0.8= 160x8= 1280$

How do you find 10 percent of the price?

Percent means "hundredths". To get 10% of a price, multiply the price by 10/100.

How do you find what percent you saved when using coupons?

-- If the coupon got you the item for free, then you saved 100% of the regular price.If the coupon got you a reduced price, then-- Divide (the amount you paid) by (the regular price of the item).-- After dividing, multiply the result by 100.-- After multiplying, subtract the result from 100.Now you have the percentage (of the regular price) that you saved.

How do you find the percent of a price?

Multiplied the price by the percentage and divided the answer by 100.

How do you find the percent of markup?

(Selling Price - Cost price)/Selling Price * 100

When the discount percent is given with the amount saved how do you find the original price?

Take the amount saved, divide it by discount percentage then multiply the result by 100.

How do you find the price of an item with a regular price of 29.99 marked 30 percent off?

If the full pirice is 29.99 then 30% of 29.99 is found by deviding 29.99 by 100 and multiplying the result by 30:-29.99/100 = 0.29990.2999*30= 8.997Thus you now take 8.997 from the regular price to set the sale price:-29.99-8.997= 20.993