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Suppose the smallest integer is A. The next two even numbers are A+2 and A+4. Using the information supplied we can form an equation: 2A - 14 = A + A+2 + A+4 Rearranging: 2A - 14 = 3A + 6 -20 = A So the three integers are -20, -18 and -16.

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Q: If sum of three consecutive even integers is fourteen less than twice the smallest of these integers. What is the smallest integer?
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Sum of two consecutive odd integers is 244 what is the smallest integer?

The smallest is 121.

The sum of four consecutive odd integers is 248. What is the smallest integer?

59,61,63,65 It is 59

What is consecutive integer?

consecutive integers

What formula represents the largest of these integers if you are thinking of n consecutive positive integers and the smallest of which is m?

For x, which is the largest integer of nconsecutive positive integers of which the smallest is m:x = m + n - 1

What are two consecutive integers is 200 between?

"Consecutive" integers are integers that have no other integer between them.

The sum of the three consecutive integers?

The sum of three consecutive integers is -72

What are the 6 smallest consecutive composite integer to 1-200?

The smallest six consecutive composite integers are:90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95.(And 96 is also composite, for a run of seven consecutive.)Is that what you were asking ?

The sum of four consecutive odd integers is 200. What is the product of the smallest integer and the largestinteger?

The integers are 47, 49, 51, and 53. 47 * 53 = 2491

Is there a smallest integer?

1 is the smallest positive integer. But if you include negative integers, there is no smallest.

The sum of three consecutive even integers written form?

Let x equal the smallest integer. The sum will be 3x + 6

The sum of 3 consecutive even integers is 54 What is the first consecutive integer?

The first integer is 17.

How do you calculate integers?

the sum of two consecutive integers is -241, what is the larger integer?