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1600 is 80%, so 100% is 1600 x 5/4 ie 2000

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2010-02-15 13:08:50
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Q: If the sale discount is 20 percent and if the amount paid is Rs 1600 what is the market price?
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Selling price 100 and market price is 125 what is discount percent?

The discount is 20%

What is the original price with a 20 percent discount you get 249.99?

$312.49 ; here's how: You have original price is 100%, final price = original price - discount amount, and discount amount = original price * discount percent.So Final price = original price - original price * discount percent = (Original price)*(100 % - discount percent).249.99 = P0 * (100%-20%) = P0 * (0.80) ---> P0 = 249.99 / 0.80 = 312.4875

How do you do a percent of discount to the nearest percent math question?

It is 100*(1 - Discounted price/Full price) or 100*Discount amount/Full price

Calculate the amount of discount on the purchase of a pair of shoes original price 55.00 percent discount is 15 percent?


What is the price with 20 percent off the original price 64.99?

The amount after the discount is $51.99

How much is 20 percent discount?

Multiply the price by 0.2 to get the amount of the discount. Multiply the price by 0.8 if you want to know the after sale price.

How do you calculate 20 percent discount?

The quickest way is to multiply the full price by 0.2 That is the amount of the discount.

What is the trade discount amount and net price of an invoice of 5678 at a 25 percent discount?

The trade discount of 5678 with a 25 percent discount would be 4258.50. This is considered to be a math problem.

How do you find the original amount if you only have a sale price and a discount?

If the discount is D percent and the sale price is S, then the original price was S*100/(100-D)

What is the sale price of a 40 on sell for 30 percent off?

The amount after the discount is $28.00

A calculator is on price 20 and is on sale 40 percent off?

The amount after the discount is $12.00

When the discount percent is given with the amount saved how do you find the original price?

Take the amount saved, divide it by discount percentage then multiply the result by 100.

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