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three six is greater than three eight

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Q: If three eight greater than three six?
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What is the difference between positive three and positive six?

First of all six is greater than three. Six is three more than three and three is three less than six. Six is positive and three is negative. Three is prime (i think) and six isn't.

If One eight is greater than one six?

If you mean 8 and 6 then 8 is greater than 6

What are all the fractions that greater than three fourths?

Fractions greater than three fourths include four fifths, five sixths, six sevenths, seven eights, eight ninths, and infinitely many more others.

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

Is three quarts greater than six pints?


Is three fourths greater than six sevenths?


Is five over eight greater than four over six?


How many times greater than the three is the 6?

Six is two times greater than three (hint: you divide 6 by 3). ================================ Actually, six is two times three. You can also say that six is two times AS GREAT AS three. But six is one time GREATER THAN three. Nine is three times three. Nine is three times as great as three. But nine is two times greater than three.

Is three eights greater than six sixteenths?

No, they are equal.

Which is greater 3gallons or 6liters?

Three gallons is greater than six litres. Three gallons is approximately 11.36 litres.

What is the sum of the first three multiples of six which of greater than 15?


What is greater 1sixth or 1 eighth?

The greater the denominator the smaller its value. Since eight is greater than six the value of 1eighth is lesser than 1 sixth. Another way of saying, 1 eighth is nothing but dividing 1 into eight equal parts and 1 sixth is dividing into six equal parts. Obviously the 1 sixth part will be greater than one eighth. For eg. if you share a cake equally with eight friends, the slice be will smaller than when you share equally with six friends.

Is three fourth greater than four six?

Yes, 3/4 is greater than 4/6 which is the same as 2/3

Is 36.7 greater than or less than 3.67?

36.7 (thirty six and seven tenths) is greater than 3.67 (three and sixty seven hundredths).

What fraction is greater three over four or seven over eight?

Convert them to the same denominator and the answer to your question will be immediately apparent (assuming you know that six is less than seven).

Eight and five over six plus six and three over eight?

Eight and five over six plus six and three over eight = 365/24 or 155/24

Is three fourths greater than six tweleves?

3/4 is greater than 6/12 because 6/12 = 1/2.

Is a half greater than six sevenths?

No because half of seven is three and a half

Is three-fourths greater than six-eights?


Is eight tenths greater than six tenths?

Yes. Look at the denominator (10). If the denominators of both fractions are equal than go with the higher numerator as the greater number

Is 2 and four fifths lesser than 2 six fifths?

2 and four fifths is less than three, 2 and six fifths is greater than 3.

What is greater five six or three eights?

Three Eights

What fraction is greater than six and one third?

Twenty six and one third is greater.

Why is six tenths greater?

Six tenths is greater than infinitely many fractions and it is also smaller than infinitely many.

What is eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths?

Eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths is fifteen and one twentieth.