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If you add two zeroes to the divisor but still have a remainder, add zeroes to the dividend. Adding zeroes to the divisor will not help.

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Q: If you add two zeros to the divisor but you still have a remainder what do you do?
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How can you check an answer of a qotient with a remainder?

multply the answer by the divisor then add the remainder

Can you divide by 4 and get the remainder of 5?

no. The remainder should be less than the divisor. If you get a remainder of 5 and did not make any other mistake, add one to the quotient and the remainder will be 1.

How do you check 2 digit division?

you add the divisor with the dividend then subtract your answer wiith your remainder

How many zero add to seventy crores?

Adding zeros is not a solution. No matter how many zeros you add, the answer will still be zero.

What is the number that when divided by 9 the quotient is 6 and the remainder is 7?

To find the number, multiply the divisor and quotient, then add the remainder. 9 (divisor) times 6 is 54. 54 plus 7 is 61. The number is 61.

How do you check the answer to a division question?

To check the answer to a division question, multply the divisor (the number that is being divided into the dividend) and the quotient (the answer). If there is a remainder, add the remainder to the answer. If the number matches the dividend, your answer to the division problem is correct.

What 1 digit number can be the divisor of the problem with a remainder of 4?

Search on google. And add me on Facebook it's breanna Jordan Penley and Instagram foreveralone19

What decimal is equivalent to 1.5?

1.500. Add as many zeros as you want and you would still get 1.5.

How can you convert a remainder into a fraction or decimal?

To turn a remainder into a fraction you just put the remainder over the dividend. To turn a remainder into a decimal put a decimal in the divisor and in the answer so far, put a zero, bring the zero down and divide what you now have. If that does not come out evenly add another zero in the dividend and do that until it come out evenly

How much is 3.30e23 kg?

Just add 23 zeros to the end... the e means add zeros

Why is it helpful to rewrite division problem so that the divisor is a whole number?

Because it saves a lot of time and you don't have to switch anything or add any zeros. Even though I am a fifth grader, I know these stuff.

How do you change a percent with a decimal into a fraction?

You count the number of digits past the decimal and add two plus the number of digits right of the decimal) to determine the number of zeros in the divisor. example. 52% is .52 (2 + 0 number of digits, or 75/100). 75.25% is .7525 (2 + 2 + 4, so 7525/10000, which equals .7525) 5.725% is (2 + 3) = 5 zeros in the divisor. 5725/100000 = .05725

If you multiply by 10000 how many zeros do you add to the answer?

The same as the number of zeros in 10000, that is, 4.

What is 100x5600?

Add two zeros.

How do you divide with remainders?

You divide when there is a remainder the same as you divide when there is none. The only difference is that when you divide the last digit in the dividend, you will wither add a decimal point and 0 to the right of the digit and keep dividing, designate the leftover number as a remainder, or you will put the remainder over the divisor to show the remainder as a fraction. For example: 761 divided by 10 is 76 with a remainder of 1. You can write 76 R1, 76 1/10 or 76.1

Equivalent decimal for 96.2?

The only equivalent decimals for the above number are the same exact number with zeros trailing after the 2. You can add as many zeros after the two as you want, and it'll still be equal to 96.2.

How do you interpret the remainder?

you can drop the remainder and you can use the remainder as your quotient or you can add one too the quoitient.

How do you divide 500000 by 50000?

dirst you divide 500 by 50 or you can do 50 x ? =500 then add the extra zeros i still dont know the answer

Is there any number so big that you can't add three zeros to it?

No, Numbers never stop so you can always add three zeros to any number.

Can a number be divisible if it has remainders?

Yes. Add zeros to the end of the sum that you get an keep dividing. Just make sure to ADD A DECIMAL before the zeros.;D

What does 600 x 800 equal?

the answer is 480,000. Because both numbers have two zeros you can cancel out the zeros and add them later. So now you are left with 6×8. If you take six and add it to itself eight times, you get 48. Now we can deal with the zeros. Because we dropped 2 zeros from 600 and 2 zeros from 800 you get a total of 4 dropped zeros. You can take these zeros and add them onto 48. Adding 1 zero gets you 480. 2 zeros, 4,800. 3 zeros, 48,000. And finally 4 zeros, 480,000!! You can check your work by dividing 480,000 by 6 OR 8. If you divide by 6 your answer should be 8, and if you divide by 8 your answer should be 6.

How many zeros do you add after the decimal as a percentage?


What comes next in the sequence 100 1000 100000?

You add 1 zero to 100 to get 1000, 2 zeros to 1000 to get 100,000, so add three zeros to get 100,000,000

what is 1,000 x 5559 explain?

1000 x 5,559 = 5,559,000 Anytime you multiply by 10,100,1000 etc. just add the number of zeros onto the number you are multiplying. 1000 has 3 zeros, so we will add those 3 zeros to the end of 5,559 to get 5,559,000

How can you check your division with remainder?

multiply ur answer and the number u divided it with and add the remainder