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The Fourier series is a specific type of infinite mathematical series involving trigonometric functions that are used in applied mathematics. It makes use of the relationships of the sine and cosine functions.

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Q: In Mathematics what is meant by the Fourier series?
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What are Joseph Fourier's works?

Fourier series and the Fourier transform

What are the limitation of fourier series?

what are the limitations of forier series over fourier transform

Discontinuous function in fourier series?

yes a discontinuous function can be developed in a fourier series

How do you find the inverse Fourier transform from Fourier series coefficients?


Can a discontinuous function can be developed in the Fourier series?

Yes. For example: A square wave has a Fourier series.

What is the physical significance of fourier series?

Fourier series is series which help us to solve certain physical equations effectively

What is physical significance of Fourier series?

Fourier series is series which help us to solve certain physical equations effectively

What is the difference between fourier series and discrete fourier transform?

Fourier series is the sum of sinusoids representing the given function which has to be analysed whereas discrete fourier transform is a function which we get when summation is done.

Fourier series of sine wave?

The fourier series of a sine wave is 100% fundamental, 0% any harmonics.

What has the author Ruel V Churchill written?

Ruel V. Churchill has written: 'Modern operational mathematics in engineering' 'Complex variables and applications' 'Operational mathematics' 'Fourier series and boundary value problems'

Why was Joseph Fourier famous?

Joseph Fourier was the French mathematician and physicist after whom Fourier Series, Fourier's Law, and the Fourier Transform were named. He is commonly credited with discovering the greenhouse effect.

Can a discontinuous function be developed in a Fourier series?

Yes, a Fourier series can be used to approximate a function with some discontinuities. This can be proved easily.

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