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Sin A must be a number whose absolute value cannot exceed 1 and so it cannot be 35.

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Q: In a right triangle sinA 35 What is cos A?
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Is 21 28 35 right triangle?


If x = 35, is the triangle acute, right, or obtuse?


What is the area or the right triangle 28 cm 35 cm?

The right-angle triangle measures 28cm by 35cm. Such a triangle is half of a rectangle.Therefore 28 x 35 = 980cm2 is the area of a rectangle.980 / 2 = 490cm2 will give the area of the triangle (which is 490cm2).

Is a triangle with sides of lengths 16 30 and 35 a right triangle?

No because it does not comply with Pythagoras' theorem.

What is a polygon with the angles 55 35 90?

It is a right angle triangle

A triangle with lengths of 16 30 and 35 a right angle?

A triangle whose sides are 16, 30, and 35 in length is not a right triangle, becausethe square of the length of the longest side is not equal to the sum of the squaresof the lengths of the other two sides.But if the 35 were a 34 instead, then it wouldbe.

What is the numerical value of cos 35 x sin 24?

In degrees? cos(35˚) = .81915, sin(24˚) = .40673;cos(35˚) * sin(24˚) = .33318In radians? cos(35) = -.90367, sin(24) = -.90558;cos(35) * sin(24) = .81836A calculator will achieve these results faster than wiki.answers. 9 times out of 10, at least.:-)

Which kind of triangle has 55 and 35 degrees?

It is a right angle triangle because the 3rd angle is 90 degrees

Can a right triangle have angles measuring 35 degrees 78 degrees and 67 degrees?

No because these are the angles of a scalene triangle

What is the measurement of the third angle in a right triangle if the first is 35 degrees?

55 degrees

True or false A triangle with sides of lengths 16 30 and 35 is a right triangle?

False because it does not comply with Pythagoras' theorem.

A right triangle is 35 degrees What is the measure of the other triangle?

question doesn't make sence but i sort of know what your getting at.if you have a right hand triangle and one of the other angles is 35 deg then what is the remaining angle's angle.all triangles angles added together come to 180dega right angle is 90degso 90 + 35 = 125180 - 125 = 55the remainding angle is 55deg.

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