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An infinite number

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Q: In geometry a line is considered to have how many points?
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Does a line always have two points?

Normally a straight line has infinitely many points. It is only in one case of projective geometry that lines have two points.

What is a piece of line with one point?

One point cannot make a line or even a piece of a line. You need at least two points (in projective geometry) and infinitely many in classic geometry.

How many lines can be drawn through two fixed points?

In Euclidian or plane geometry, there can be only one line through two fixed points. Lines cannot actually be drawn; if you see it it is not a geometric line. If the points are on a curved surface as in a geometry that is non-Euclidian, then there can be infinitely many lines connecting two points.

Can a plane and a line ever intersect in two points?

In Euclidean geometry, they can only intersect in 0, 1 or infinitely many points. If there are two points of intersection then the whole line lies in the plane.

How many lines contain n points with no 3 points collinear?

None. In ordinary geometry, a line contains an infinite number of points and, by definition, they are all collinear. In projective geometry, however, you can have three lines in the form of a triangle. Each line has only two points on it, so it cannot have 3 points collinear.

What is line of geometry?

There are many different lines in geometry

What is through any two points in geometry?

A straight line, a curve, a plane. Probably many more options.

How many endpoints are there in a line?

In geometry, a line has no endpoints. If you are referring to a non-geometry application, a line has 2 endpoints.

What are points on the same line?

Points on the same line can be many different things. In Geometry, they are said to be collinear. Though, usually the given information is linked with another question and a diagram, which would require a different answer.

Can a ray have three points?

In ordinary geometry, no. Any ray will have infinitely many points.

How many points a line have?

A line has an infinite amount of points.

How many lines can contain a line and a point not on the line?

In plane geometry a line is a two dimentional object between two points. If a line or a point is not on the line it, by definition, does not contain them. The answer therefor is infinite. Unless it is a closed line which has a slightly different definition but the answer is the same.

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