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Q: Influence of socil values on children?
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What are the factors that influence family clothing needs?

socil economic and psychological factors influence the clothing needs of a family

Does culture influence values or values influence culture?


Why you want to do it in socil work?

speek inglish

What values did acdc influence on Australia?


What do values influence?

Attitudes and Appearances

How does a man form his values?

Everything that we experience in the course of our lives has an influence on our values. The greatest single influence is usually our parents or guardians.

Is the maker of SpongeBob making him a good influence for kids?

yes he is. spongebob teaches children to dream big, and that its ok to get a little emotional sometimes. He also teachers children the values of friendship, and that you can have fun at work.

How fathers influence children?

fathers influence their children by encouraging and being kind to them.

How do values and attitudes influence behaviors?


What are the factors that influence sexual opinion?

Your values and how you see the world influence your sexual opinion.

Is Pokemon a bad influence on children?

No, In fact pokemon is a great influence on children. There learn from it.

Discuss the cultural values that are expressed by children's stories?

discuss the cultural values that are expressed by children's stories