Is (-10) a linear inequality

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II. SIMPLEX ALGORITHM A. Primal Simplex Algorithm If the unconstrained solution space is defined in n dimensions (each dimension assumed to be infinite), each inequality constraint in the linear programming formulation divides the solution space into two halves. The convex shape defined in n-dimensional space after m bisections represents the feasible area for the problem, and all points which lie inside this space are feasible solutions to the problem. Figure 1 shows the feasible region for a problem defined in two variables, n = 2, and three constraints, m = 3. Note that in linear programming, there is an implicit non-negativity constraints for the variables. The linearity of the objective function implies that the the optimal solution cannot lie within the interior of the feasible region and must lie at the intersection of at least n constraint boundaries. These intersections are known as corner- point feasible (CPF) solutions. In any linear programming problem with n decision variables, two CPF solutions are said to be adjacent if they share n − 1 common constraint boundaries. When interpreted geometrically, the Simplex algorithm moves from one corner-point feasible solution to a better corner-point-feasible solution along one of the constraint boundaries. There are only a finite number of CPF solutions, although this number is potentially exponential in n, however it is not necessary to visit all of them to determine the optimal solution to the problem. The convex nature of linear programming means that there are no local maxima present in the problem which are not also global maxima. Hence if at some CPF solution, no improvement is made by a move to another adjacent CPF then the algorithm terminates and we can be confident that the optimal solution has been found.

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Q: Is (-10) a linear inequality
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What is the graph of a linear inequality in two variables called?

A bivariate linear inequality.

What is 5a minus 10 greater than 5?

It is a linear inequality in one variable, a.

Define solution of a linear inequality in two variable?

If the equal sign in a linear equation in two variables is replaced with an inequality symbol, the result is a linear inequality in two variables. 3x-2y>7 x<-5

What is the steps of the linear inequality x-2?

x - 2 is an expression, not an inequality.

Can linear equations and linear inequality be solved the same way?

Basically. If the inequality's sign is < or ≤, then you shade the part under the line. If the inequality's sign is > or ≥, then you shade the part over the line.

When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with a sign?


How are quadratic inequalities different from linear inequalities?

A linear inequality is all of one side of a plane. A quadratic inequality is either the inside of a parabola or the outside.

When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with what sign?

With the equal sign (=).

How are linear inequalities and linear equations the same?

They are not. An inequality cannot, by definition, be the same as an equation.

What is a simple linear inequality?

1 + 1 = 3

Graph the solution set of the linear inequality 5x-2y4?

graph the inequality 5x+2y<4

What must occur in a linear inequality when you divide or multiply by a negative number?

The inequality sign must be flipped.

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