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With the equal sign (=).

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Q: When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with what sign?
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When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with a sign?


When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol?

Well, you can replace the inequality with the equal sign, and draw the line (or curve, depending on the case) for the corresponding equation. The actual inequality will be either to one side or to one side of this line or curve. It may or may not include the actual line or curve.

Define solution of a linear inequality in two variable?

If the equal sign in a linear equation in two variables is replaced with an inequality symbol, the result is a linear inequality in two variables. 3x-2y>7 x<-5

What is A mathematical sentence which contains an inequality symbol and one variable raised to the first power is called a?

It is a linear inequality.

How do you put greater than symbol on the calculator?

Unless it's a fancy graphing calculator, you don't. When solving an inequality, you need to solve it as an equality, remaining mindful of the proper direction of the inequality symbol after each step.

What is the equation for a linear inequality?

A linear inequalty may be of the form a1x1 + a2x2 + ... + anxn < bwhere the ai and b are constants and the xi are variables. The inequality symbol can be <, >, ≤ or ≥.

What is a number x is at most -10?

If you want that as an inequality, you write:x <= -10 You can replace "<=" with the corresponding inequality symbol (less than or equal).

When graphing an inequality with the symbol less than or equal to what is drawn?

if you have y <= f(x), then graph the function y = f(x) with a solid line, then shade everything below that graph.

What is the comparison symbol of 4 1?

The inequality symbol.

How do you insert a backslash on a graphing calculator?

the divide symbol ---> :

Do you swap the inequality symbol when its on the right?

No you do not.

When do you reverse the inequality symbol in a two step inequality?

When your teacher comes and your not sure what the answer is.

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