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No, it is not.

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Q: Is (-8 -2) a solution to the equation y x plus -6?
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3a 12 plus a 6 Is a Solution Of The Equation?

No. 3a 12 plus a 6 is not a solution Of an equation.

-46 6 2 plus 3?

The solution to the equation -46 6/2 plus 3 is -40.

How may solution are to the equation 6x plus 8-2x(7-2)2(6 plus 1)?

Without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation and so therefore no solution is possible.

What does it mean for a value to be a solution to an equation?

For a value to be a solution to an equation, when you substitute the value for the variable, the equation becomes true. 4+B=6 B is the variable. 2 is the solution Substitute 2 for B 4+2=6 The equation is true.

What is the equation for aluminum metal plus hydrochloric acid aluminum chloride solution plus hydrogen?

2 Al + 6 HCl ---> 2 AlCl3 + 3 H2

What is the solution set for this quadratic equation 7x2 plus x equals 6?

The solution: x = 6/7 and x = -1

Is the point (0 2) a solution to the system y - x plus 6?

Without an equality sign the given expression is not an equation and so therefore it has no solution.

What is the solution to this equation -5c plus 31 equals 1?

The value of c is 6

How do you solve 5x plus 2x plus 5 plus 1 minus x equals 18?

The solution of this equation is the value of variable 'x' for which L.H.S.= R.H.S. The given equation is: 5x+2x+5+1-x=18 6x+6=18 Adding -6 on both sides, we get 6x=12 Dividing both sides by 6, we get x=2 Solution is x = 2.

What is the solution to the linear equation 6 plus y equals 37?

If: 6+y =37 Then: y = 31

What is the equation 6 plus y equals 12?

The equation 6 + y = 12 is a simple equation in one variable. If you add 6 to both sides of the equals sign, you get y = 18, and that is the solution.

Solve this equation -9h - 6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?

The solution to this equation is that h is equal to -4. You can substitute this value for h into the equation to get -4 x -9 - 6 plus 12 x -4 plus 40 equals 22, or 36 - 6 plus - 48 plus 40 equals 22.

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