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Ofcoz five is Greater than Two.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-10 14:53:01
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Q: Is Five Greater than Two
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Is two thirds greater than five sevenths?

no five sevenths is greater than two thirds

What has a greater numerator two sixths or five sixths?

Five sixths, as five is greater than two.

Is two fifths greater or less than five sixths?

According to maths, two fifths is greater than five sixths.

Is five sixths greater than or less than two thirds?

It is greater than

Is five sixths greater than two thirds?

no but two thirds is more than five sixth

Is two fives greater than five tens?

5/10 is greater

What is the absolute value of negative five is greater than two?


Is five eighths greater than five ninths?

Yes. If two fractions have the same numeratorthen the one with the smaller denominator is the greater fraction.

Is 23.05 greater than 2.305?

Yes, 23.05 is greater than 2.30523.05 is twenty-three and five hundreds.2.305 is only two and three hundred and five thousandths.

Is the fraction two over twenty-five greater than or less than zero point zero three four?


Is zero point two five greater than seven-twentieths?


Is negative two greater than positive three?

no, it is five less than positive three.

Is five eighth greater than two fourths?

Yes. two fourths is four eighths. And five eights is more than four eights.

Is two pints greater or less than five cups?

Two pints is less than five cups because it takes two cups to equal one pint.

Is positive five greater than negative five?

Yes. Write the number line horizontally with the negative numbers to the left, zero in the middle and positive numbers to the right, then the further right a number is, the greater it is; so with two numbers the number further right on the line is the greater of the two: Positive five is to the right of negative five, therefore it is greater than negative five, ie +5 > -5

Is five ninth greater than four elevenths?

Yes. Five ninths is greater than four elevenths.

What is the first multiple of five that is greater than 1000?

The first multiple of five that is greater than 1,000 is 1,005.

Is five sixth greater than one fourth?

Is five sixth greater Than one forth

How many times greater is five thousand than five hundred?

Five thousand is ten times greater than five hundred.

How much is 4 greater than 5?

It is not greater than 5, but if you have to quantify that, it is -1 greater than five.

Which fraction is greater five-eighths or five-sevenths?

[Five sevenths] is 0.0893 greater than [five eighths]. (rounded)

Is five and five sevenths greater than five and eleven fourteenths?


Is five sixth greater than one half?


How many times greater is five thousand than fifty?

How many times greater is five thousand than fifty

Three-fourths of a number greater than or equal to five less than the number?

three fourths is greater than five eights